The Gear Junkie: Giro Sports Glasses

The Giro Havik is a "sport shield" style that fits comfortably in a bike helmet.

Giro Sport Design markets itself as an "emerging brand in the sport-eyewear category." Indeed, two new Giro sunglasses, the Havik and Filter, show some optical innovation from a brand most often associated with helmets for cycling and skiing.

The company's latest, the Filter, features a so-called Pop Top Technology that lets a wearer switch lenses in seconds via a small cam lever. The goal is to speed lens transition, and to avoid scratches and fingerprints.

The patent-pending Pop Top system's cam latch releases the lens from the frame to allow easy lens removal and installation, and it locks the lens in the frame when you're done. You can change lenses in seconds, the company says, even with gloves on.

Said Eric Richter, a brand manager at Giro: "Pop Top Technology eliminates pressure on the lens and the stress of trying to cram a lens into the frame, and it secures the lens in the frame with an audible 'click' so you're confident the lens is installed properly."

Available in October, the Filter will be priced at $159 to $219, depending on lens configuration.

A second new Giro ( model, the Havik, is a "sport shield" style with high-quality Zeiss Certified True Sight lenses and a hydrophobic coating that repels water, oils and debris that can compromise vision. Its removable polycarbonate lens wraps in a minimal frame style designed to fit comfortably with a bike helmet while delivering a full field of view and protection from weather and debris.

The Havik, which will be sold starting in November, features ventilated temples to promote air circulation behind the lens, as well as a ventilated rubber nose pad and rubber temple tips for comfort and stability. MSRP ranges from $139 to $169.

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