Shark Sightings? Take Precautions

2.?A flock or flocks of birds ceaselessly circling or dive-bombing into the water from the air. They're spotting big schools of fish and have got their eye on their breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can be sure they aren't the only ones perusing the menu.

3.?Fishermen. Whether they're fishing from the beach or from a boat just off the beach, pay attention to how lucky they're getting. If they're catching a lot of fish, well, you know what that means.

Your Outfit Does Matter

Bright colored swimsuits and wetsuits, though they can look really cool,, will only work to attract sharks—especially bright yellows and oranges.

Jewelry is a no-no. It shines, shimmers and reflects light, which is the basic principal behind the way a lure works to mimic the appearance of bait fish?in the water. So wearing rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings is essentially comparable to wearing a slew of lures on your body. As for watches, try to cover them up with your wetsuits sleeve if you can.

Have Good Form

Not just to excel in your sport—moving gracefully in the water versus splashing around loudly and awkwardly will make you more inconspicuous. The erratic movements will send signals to sharks that an animal is in trouble or wounded and therefor much easier to grab for a tasty treat.

Don't Go Solo

It's tempting and lots of people do it, but don't enter the water if there's no one else around. Plan a group swim or activity or go for a surf or paddle when there are other people out.

Be Aware

It may seem like common sense but pay close attention to your surroundings, what other people are doing and what's going on in the water around you at all times. That said, you don't want to be overly paranoid, jump at every little movement, psyche yourself out, start seeing things or scare the people around you. You'll end up ruining your time—and their time—in the water.?

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