Relax Under the Instant Shade Awning

Submitted By: Pearl Wehrman

Q: What type of camper would use it?

A: Tent campers, car campers and RVer's will all love it! Nearly every campsite can benefit from extra shade.

Q: Is it durable against weather elements?

A: Like any awning, this one should be retracted in high winds and needs to be dry before retracting.

Q: Why did you purchase it?

A: I'm 60 years old and tired of struggling with tarps.

Q: Is it easy to store?

A: Gee, what's to store? It's just 6 feet long and about 4 inches in diameter.

Q: Is it heavy or lightweight?

A: It weighs less than 10 lbs. and easily maneuvered, even by a wimp like me.

Q: What's the best feature?

A: I would say the fact that it's self-contained. The guy wires, stakes and poles are all included. Even the drop down banner doubles as a carrying case. It is an engineering marvel!

Q: If you could make any changes to the product, what would it be?

A: I wish it were bigger, but if it were it would loose it's portability and ease of handling. So I guess it's right just the way it is.

Q: Is there anything else that campers should know about this item.

A: The Instant Shade Awning is good to have on hand. You might need it, you might not, but throw it in the van anyway. Be prepared, like a good Boy Scout.

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