Lounge Lizard Review

Brooke Goodlet of Toronto, Ontario

The Lounge Lizard was reviewed by outdoor enthusiast Brooke Goodlet of Toronto, Ontario.

Q: What types of outdoor activities do you normally participate in?
A: I like playing volleyball, hiking and swimming.

Q: When did you use the Lounge Lizard?
A: I used it during a backyard party and I plan to take it on a camping trip.

Q: Was the Lounge Lizard comfortable?
A: Yes, I felt like my back and neck were fully supported regardless of its position. The built in pillow also made the chair very comfortable and it's a feature that isn't common with similar chairs.

Q: Did the Lounge Lizard offer a variety of reclining positions?
A: Yes, I could sit up or lie down all with one movement.

Q: Was the Lounge Lizard portable?
A: Yes, I was able to move the chair easily by packing it in the Lizard Sack travel bag.

Q: Did you like that the Lizard Sack came with padded handles and shoulder strap?
A: Yes it made it very comfortable to transport the chair and it's a great feature for people with shoulder problems.

Q: What beverages did you put in the cup holder?
A: A water bottle, which fit securely in the cup holder.

Q: What was the Lounger's best feature?
A: The best feature was how it reclined in one movement. All my friends who sat on the chair commented on that feature as well.

Q: Would you recommend this product to other campers?
A: Yes, it's the perfect chair for any outdoor trip or event.

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