How to Reserve a Campsite Online

The campground details page provides a great overview of the amenities and features available in the campground.  In addition, you can view a simple map of the campground which may aid you in selection of an individual campsite.

ReserveAmerica Campground details 

How to Choose a Campsite

One you have selected a campground for your family's summer camping vacation, you will want to select the best possible campsite in that campground. If you are tent camping, most campgrounds have a section or loop that is oriented more to tent campers. This section will be a bit more rustic than the loops that accommodate RV campers, but you will likely have a bit more privacy and not have to listen to RV generators all evening.

The largest campsites in a campground are usually the ones on the outside of a loop (1). Campsites located on the inside of a loop (2) are usually tighter and provide less privacy. If you are camping with young children, pay particular attention to what is behind your campsite and where the main traffic arteries are within the campground. When I am planning a trip to a campground that I have not stayed in before, I always locate the campground on Google Maps and use the satellite view to check out the area.

Other considerations may include the distance from the campsite to the bathroom facility. Young children tend to make lots of trips to the bathroom, but if your children are older you might want to be located further away from this high-traffic area.

ReserveAmerica Campground Map 

One of the best things about using ReserveAmerica is that you are likely to discover an interesting state or federal park that you did not know about. People new to camping are often surprised to learn how many campgrounds are available in their area, which is a great excuse to get the kids outdoors more often and spend more time together as a family.

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