How Athletes Can Get Noticed at a Spring Sports Camp

Many parents send their children to a spring sports camp so that their kids can have fun and play competitive sports during their spring break. But these camps can not only help participants hone their sports skills but also help those with collegiate aspirations get noticed by college scouts.

Here are three tips to help you choose a spring sports camp that's effective, helpful and right for getting that young athlete in your family much-needed exposure.

Spring Camp Tip No.1: Do You Want to Get Noticed?

When your first objective is to get your child noticed by a college coach, you want to look for a camp that has a reputation for having prestigious coaches and scouts that will be on hand to see your child.

You can find out whether or not the instructors have ties to college coaches and others who are connected to college sports programs to make sure you get your child into the right place.

Note: Ask for referrals or talk to parents who've sent kids to that specific camp to ensure it's a helpful, education environment—not just a place for college coaches to make some extra money.

Spring Camp Tip No.2: Challenge Your Child

Even though you want to get your child into a camp with others who have a comparable skill level, you also want to make sure that the camp offers a good competitive environment that will give your child the chance not only to showcase his or her skills but also improve upon them.

This will show any coaches and scouts that your child may already be skilled but still knows how to grow and further develop as a player.

More importantly it will also challenge your young athlete to take their game, and possibly effort, to the next level.

Note: Many coaches—and not just college coaches-- maintain that it's how a young athlete handles the pressure of a camp environment that makes the biggest impression, not just their overall performance at a spring camp.

Spring Camp Tip No.3: Consider the Source

Another factor you want to consider when choosing a spring sports camp is who coaches and/or instructs your child during the span of the camp.

You not only want coaches who have ties to college programs but who also know how to bring out the best in your child. You should try to look for a program known to help participants improve on their skills and keep them motivated.

Note: If given a choice, go for younger coaches over more established coaching veterans. (You will often find less competition to make an impression at that camps this way.)

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