Banana S'mores

We went on our annual camping trip last summer with some friends of ours. I started to prepare my regular s'mores for the kids and a friend suggested we use bananas. It was the best. Your whole family will love it. The leftovers are great with coffee in the morning if you need a quick breakfast. Just reheat and serve.

Submitted by Michelle Mendoza-Greely


  • Banana
  • Pieces of chocolate
  • Miniature Marshmallow


  1. Peel the banana and cut out a wedge
  2. Save the cut out piece for later
  3. Cut a piece of foil and place your banana on the foil
  4. Stuff the banana with the chocolate piece and marshmallows
  5. Place the cut piece back on the banana, then wrap it in the foil and place on an open fire/grill to melt the chocolate and marshmallows together (about 3-8 minutes or until melted)
  6. Once they are done allow to cool a few minutes, then enjoy the warm chocolaty banana pie

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