Amazing Race, Home Edition

On your mark. Get Set. Stop! Yup, STOP! This is a vital lesson in the ultra-fast-paced race known as High Trek Adventure. High Trek Adventure is a unique, one-of-a-kind urban adventure game where brains beat brawn! Teams of two solve clever clues, and face fun challenges, all while navigating the urban jungle on foot or via public transportation! It's a scavenger hunt, with all the thrills of The Amazing Race. Mix in Trivial Pursuit, throw in a mini road race and add a dash of cat-and-mouse. And viola! You've got High Trek Adventure.

You and your team partner will be on a lively, one-day, one-city, amazing race. This scavenger hunt will take you to unmarked checkpoints known as TREKpoints and, as the puzzle unfolds, lets you explore your city like you've never experienced it before. Our high octane urban adventure game could take you through neighborhoods of your city you might not even know about!

But before you even begin the Adventure, you first must take on the Team Trivia Challenge. You and your partner will have to answer 20 general knowledge trivia questions--complete with a scantron--in five minutes. You won't know your score until the end of the race, adding yet another piece of excitement.

On this sensational metro adventure, you'll solve clues ranging from pop culture to math (nothing tougher than 8th grade) to anagrams, sudoku, and much more. It's like a real life Trivial Pursuit game! You'll also face exciting challenges like knocking down bowling pins, the Pepsi Challenge, memory game, and more!

This urban game has taken the U.S. by storm over the past two and a half years with nearly two dozen urban adventure races under High Trek Adventure's belt. "This year we're adding three new cities--Philadelphia, Sacramento and Seattle--for a total of 10," says Jason Hofsess founder of High Trek Adventure.

After successfully completing and correctly answering a series of 10 clues and challenges, the first team to return to race headquarters is declared the winner. The winning team will receive two round trip airline tickets good for travel anywhere in the continental U.S. Second place winners will receive a pair of running shoes and the third place team will each receive a messenger bag courtesy of Timbuk2.

High Trek Adventure kicks off in Philadelphia on Saturday, April 26. The adventure race series continues in the following cities: Boston, May 10; Rochester, NY, June 7; New York City, June 14; Seattle, July 12; Portland, August 9; San Francisco, August 23; Chicago, September 13; Washington, DC, September 20; and Sacramento, October 4.

In addition to its national tour, High Trek Adventure is a unique option for corporations looking to reinvigorate their annual company outings, enhance team building exercises, develop engaging "ice breaker" activities, and offer a creative employee incentive. High Trek Adventure events are completely customizable. Location, date, number of checkpoints and challenges, level of difficulty and more can all be created to reflect a company's individual culture.

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