What to Do With Your Summer Vacation Photos

Summer's over, school's back in?but that doesn't mean memories of your adventures or vacations need to fade anytime soon. Hopefully you took a lot of photos?but now, what to do with them? The way you edit and showcase your photos can be just as important as the pictures you take. 

Here are some creative and unique ways to optimize how your summer memories live on: 

Pick Photos That Tell Your Story

First thing's first. When you go on your next adventure or while you're perusing your hundreds of digital or iPhone photos, shoot and pick the photos that establish where you are, how you got there, what you did there and who you were with. Scenics are great, but when you want a photo of you and your comprades, get close-ups of faces; those faraway shots tend to lose personality. 

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Edit and Color Correct

Use a program to organize, tag, delete, enhance, color correct and get rid or red eye in your photos. Any program with basic editing tools will do...and if you have some Photoshop skills, even better. You can also get artsy and experiment with some effects, cropping or digital collaging.

Create a Slideshow

Throw your best pics in a folder and, using iPhoto or another program, generate a slideshow. You can pick music or a particular song that reminds you of your trip to add to the memories. Like video, a slideshow is a great way to have a living album; when you want to look back on your great adventures, just hit "Play." 


Get some cool frames—or better yet, make some. Get some prints made at Rite Aid or Target and put your framed pics up around the house or at work. When you're stressed or having a bad day and need to go back to that happy time, there are your moments, all dolled up and framed. 

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Make a Book

It's today's version of photo albums—without the bulky, awkward sticky cardboard and vellum of the past. Find any program for creating a photo book online like Snapfish (there are tons and they're usually very easy to use) or use iPhoto. You can explore different layouts, types of books, sizes and paper. You can also make more than one and give them to your family members or friends that were on your trip. These are super fun to put together and you'll have it forever. 


Create a blog and use your smart phone to update it (with photos and word of your adventures) along the way. In cyberspace, it'll be like you never left. 

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