Update Your Bow With a String-Stop

A string-stop is a rubber dampening device that sets against the bow string to reduce string oscillation after release.

In a test with an older model bow, an added string-stop made more of a difference than all other vibration dampening devices combined. Most new bows sold presently have a built in string stop for good reason, and they seem to be here to stay.

"A string oscillates after being released up to 45 times", states Chuck Pedracinci, owner of Broken Arrow Archery in Milwaukie, Oregon. "A string-stop cuts oscillation from 45 times down to 14 times". Without a string-stop, one is basically plucking a guitar string and that vibration translates into noise and felt recoil—neither is good for hunting situations.

When tested on an older model Matthews bow, the silencing effect was astounding, but equally impressive was how arrow groupings instantly tightened. After the pro-shop installed the Matthews Dead End string-stop, the average shooter was able to tighten groups from 3 inches at 20 yards, to 1 1/2 inches at the same distance. At $60, the author thought he was taking a risk. After witnessing the benefits, he would have paid much more.

If you own a really old bow that does not have a rear, thread-in, bushing (opposite to the stabilizer bushing), there are some string-stops designed by other manufactures that thread in with the front stabilizer. Both varieties need to be installed properly. There should be a thin gap between the string and the rubber stop. The string should not be touching the rubber stop or unequal string whip will occur.

A string-stop comes highly recommended for any shooter of any compound bow. The advantages are undeniable. Get one before this archery season.

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Portland Bow Hunting Examiner Robert Clark has been an Oregon bow hunter for 21 years with 15 seasons in the coastal mountain range west of Portland.

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