GSI Outdoors Kitchen Set

GSI Outdoors' campground Kitchen Set features a whisk, spatula, spoon, cutting board, cutlery set, salt and pepper shakers, two squeeze bottles, sponge and towel. MSRP: $39.95.

Submitted by Teresa Russell of Citrus Heights, California.

Q: How many times did you use your Kitchen Set during the test period?
A: We used the Kitchen Set four times.

Q: Did you use all the items in the Kitchen Set to prepare a particular meal?
A: I used the Kitchen Set to prepare breakfast (pancakes), dinner (soup) and snacks.

Q: Which was the most useful item in the Kitchen Set?
A: I love the cutting board, it's the perfect size.?

Q: Is the Kitchen Set convenient to have during an outdoor trip?
A: Yes, it's the perfect item to have. It's such a small case, but it carries so many different items that you need to prepare a meal. It really keeps everything tidy.

Q: Did all the items fit properly in the case?
A: All the items fit very nicely in the case.

Q: Would you use more than one Kitchen Set while camping?
A: No, probably not. We don't go camping very often with a large group, so there isn't too much need for another Set. However, I would tell my friends to go out and get their own for their camping trips.

Q: Was the Kitchen Set easy to store away?
A: Yes. The compact size is very easy to store with our camping gear.

Q: Are there any other items you would want to see included in the Kitchen Set?
A: A potholder would be nice.

Q: Do you think this is an essential piece of equipment to take with you while camping?
A: Everything in the Kitchen Set is essential for a camping trip. The convenient carrying case keeps everything very organized.

Q: Would you recommend this product to fellow campers? Why?
A: I would. I already have recommended this product to fellow campers. The contents of the Kitchen Set are all essential for cooking on a camping trip and the items included are of very high quality.

Additional Comments
I love this Kitchen Set!

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