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1,000 miles to Staten: MSC Hose Drag Relay & Supply Haul (Raising funds for firefighter families)

Saturday, December 1, 2012 @ 2:00 PM (EST)
TBA OrlandoFL  32801
Saturday, December 1, 2012 @ 2:00 PM (EST)
TBA OrlandoFL  32801

About This Activity

It's 1,072 miles from Orlando to Staten.
Tens of thousands of families no longer have a home. Literally. Imagine it.
They are short over 25 gallons of water per family every week. At least that in weight in food.

So shoulder a hose, grab a supply canteen, throw on a supply ruck! As a symbolic act, we'll carry these supplies in relay right here in Orlando until we've accumulated 1,072 miles. The more that register, the easier the load, and the more we raise! Whether you're in it to give or just for the physical experience, we know you'll enjoy it! Monies go to firefighter and National Guard families directly impacted by the storm.

They don’t have it, why should we? Just for a few hours.
This is a no-frills event. EVERY single penny (not “proceeds” or “net”) will go towards New Jersey National Guard families and New Jersey firefighter families directly affected by the storm.

We'll have water, but plan to bring your own food. We are working hard to acquire some support items (food and beverage) at a donation for participants, but there will be no production costs or expenditures. There will be very little to no goodies, we are limiting materials and working extensively online to reduce materials, and have absolutely no profits, wage, or income from the event. 100%.

As such, to keep costs as low as possible (otherwise we might as well just write a check), this is a no frills, purely fraternal experience event. Come be a part of the sacrifice! Food, water, supplies, medicine, sandbags: Drag a hose, build a sandbag wall, haul a water canteen, burden a first aid ruck sack… whatever you can do to make the thousand miles to Staten.

There are lots of good causes out there and a lot more money than this, but we are just doing our part to give directly to a group near to our passion.

All funds and tracking disclosed throughout the process.

Sponsored by The Playground, home of TACFIRE.
Encouraging fitness, respecting our heroes, and supporting others.

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TBA OrlandoFL  32801
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