MetOC Champs 2016 - Sprint cum HK Orienteering Ranking League event 都會定向會錦標賽2016 - 短距離

Friday, March 25, 2016
Friday, March 25, 2016

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Metropolitan Orienteering Club Championships 2016 - Sprint cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League (Sprint) event

都會定向會錦標賽2016 - 短距離 暨 香港定向排名聯賽 (短距離)

25/3/2016 (Good Friday 耶穌受難節)
Kowloon Park 九龍公園

Kowloon Park was Whitfield Barracks until 1967, when the land was returned to the Government for conversion to a park. The park was developed and opened in stages from 1970 to 1989, today covering a size of 13 hectares.


Event details and schedule

Entry deadline 截止報名日期: 12/3/2016

Event Flyer 賽事詳請:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bymu6xcZcdf-N3RzcWxLVDVzVEk/view?usp=sharing

Entry fees are listed on the first page of the registration form.

Detailed event information and start lists will be available one week before the event on https://www.facebook.com/metropolitanorienteering.

香港定向總會 定向比賽則例 適用於本賽事。大會強烈建議所有賽員熟讀此則例。
OAHK Orienteering Competition By-law applies to this event. The organizer strongly recommends all competitors to study the By-law thoroughly.

Map and format 地圖與格式

Map: Kowloon Park. Scale 1:4000, contour interval 2m. Newly drawn in 2016.
地圖: 九龍公園。比例 1:4000,等高線間距 兩米。2016年全新繪畫版本。

Format: Individual competition with course in cross-country format (i.e. finding all controls in designated order).
格式: 個人賽,越野 (順點) 式賽程。

Classes 組別

M are men classes and W are women classes; women may enter men classes 女子可報男子組

You must enter in the class corresponding to your Hong Kong ranking class (sprint) to count for ranking points, see below 如欲使用本比賽計算香港排名分數,你必須根據短距離排名組別選報相應的組別 (見下)

ME WE (Elite classes 精英組別)
Only for competitors in the Elite Class of the Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League (Sprint) in 2016 僅供香港定向排名聯賽 (短距離) 精英組賽員參加

M8 W8 (Ranking age groups 排名組別 8)
Born 於 1/1/2008 to 至 25/3/2010 出生 (i.e. reached the age of 6 on the day of event 即在比賽當日年滿六歲)

MC WC (Ranking age groups 排名組別 10 & 12)
Born 於 1/1/2004 or after 或之後出生

MJ WJ (Ranking age groups 排名組別 14 & 16)
Born 於 1/1/2000 or after 或之後出生

MY WY (Ranking age groups 排名組別 18 & 20)
Born 於 1/1/1996 or after 或之後出生

MO WO (Ranking age group 排名組別 21 i.e. open class for all ages)
No age limit 無年齡限制

MS WS (Ranking age groups 排名組別 35, 40 & 45)
Born 於 31/12/1981 or before 或之前出生

MM WM (Ranking age groups 排名組別 50, 55 & M60)
Born 於 31/12/1966 or before 或之前出生

CATI-M CATI-W (Novice, non-ranking; CATI classes are individual for this event 新手,非排名組別; 是次比賽體驗組是個人組別)
No age limit 無年齡限制

Minimum participation age is 6, as of day of event (25/3/2016)
參賽者必須在比賽當日 (25/3/2016) 年滿六歲

Start and winning times 出發及勝出時間

Start time 出發時間: 09:00-11:30 (tentative 暫定)
Ranking League competitors will start before non-Ranking League competitors in the same class. Start order will be determined by draw. 排名聯賽賽員會在同組別的非名聯賽賽員較先出發。賽員出發次序以抽籤決定。

Estimated winning time for all classes 所有組別預計勝出時間: 12-15 minutes 分鐘

Results, complaints and protests 成績、投訴與抗議

Results will be released on the day at the event, and will be uploaded to MetOC website as soon as possible after the event. 成績將於比賽當日現場公佈,並於比賽日後盡快上載到本會網頁

For complaint and protest procedure, please refer to Chapters 21-24 of the Orienteering Competition By-law.
有關投訴與抗議程序,請參閱 定向比賽則例 第21至24章。

Ranking score 排名分數

This event is an Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League (Sprint) event. To gain ranking score, competitors must become a valid member of OAHK at least three weeks before the event.
本賽事係香港定向排名聯賽 (短距離) 賽事之一。賽員須於比賽最少三星期前成為香港定向總會有效會員以獲得排名分數。

For details of other Ranking League events please visit http://www.oahk.org.hk
有關其他排名聯賽比賽詳情,請瀏覽 http://www.oahk.org.hk

For the calculation method of ranking score, please refer to Appendix A.1 of the Orienteering Competition By-law.
有關排名分數計算方法,請參閱 定向比賽則例 附件A.1。

Prize 獎項

Prizes are awarded for the best three competitors in each class. After MetOC Champs (Long distance) (details to be announced), the best three overall (determined by the sum of time used in the sprint and long distance events) in each class will be awarded overall prizes.

各組頭三名設冠亞季軍獎。都會定向會錦標賽 - 長距離 (詳情將於稍後公佈) 後,兩場成績相加後的總成績頭三名設總冠亞季軍獎。


The organizer reserves the right to amend event details

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