Sunday, December 10, 2017
Sunday, December 10, 2017

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Metvigator is a race combining the elements of trail running and orienteering. The whole route would be divided into trail running and orienteering sections in an alternating sequence, i.e. trail running - orienteering - trail running - orienteering ... In trail running sections, all competitors have to follow designated route. Upon completing a trail section, competitors will be given a map of the following orienteering section. Competitors can choose their own route to visit all control points in sequence. After finishing the course of that orienteering section and returning the map, competitors will enter the next trail running section.

Date: 10th December, 2017 (Sunday)
Start and Gathering Venue: Wan Chai Gap Park
Finish: Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section)
Start Time
    Metvigator (30 km): 08:00
    Half-Metvigator (15 km): 10:00
Closing Time (Finish): 20:00

The Race is divided into 2 courses:

  • Metvigator (30 km)
  • Half-Metvigator (15 km)

Each course contains 5 classes:

  • Men's Single, Women's Single, Men's Double, Women's Double & Mixed

Summing up to 10 classes. 
Top 3 individuals/teams in each class will be awarded.
All competitors will receive a finisher medal upon completing the course.

*Minimum age for joining Metvigator (On event day)

  • Metvigator (30 km): 16 (Individual Class)
  • Metvigator (30 km): 12 (Dual Class, another companion must be above 16)
  • Half-Metvigator (15 km): 14 (Individual Class)
  • Half-Metvigator (15 km): 12 (Dual Class, another companion must be above 14)

Early Bird Fee: $350 per head (Registration by 10th October, 2017)
Normal Fee: $400 per head

Registration fee includes baggage deposit and transport, water and food in refreshment point, refreshments after competition, orienteering maps, and renting result recording card.

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