F.N. Fun Run Endurance Run at Terrell's Island Part II: Running in Circles

Saturday, August 26, 2017
Terrell's Island Shubert Rd OmroWI  54963
Saturday, August 26, 2017
Terrell's Island Shubert Rd OmroWI  54963

About This Activity

We'rrrrre baaccckk!  That's right, your favorite Terrell's Island FNFR endurance run is officially on again! What is the FNFR endurance run at Terrell's Island and why should you sign up?  Glad you asked. Do you like to run? (I would hope so or you wouldn't be here looking for us) Do you want to try to get your first 1/2, full or ultra Marathon distance in? Do you like running events that give back? (Last year we were able to donate $1000 to the BDMCC (Butte des Morts Conservation Club) to help with upkeep of the Island! Do you want to participate in an event that has a kick butt after party? A party where all participants end at the same time so you not only have  equal chance at the good food,  you get to chat with participants that did different distances! If you answered any of these questions you should sign up!  If you have been to an F.N. Fun Run you know that we have two main goals.  We want to run and we want to have fun. Pretty simple right? (says the guys that run all the time)

Time for some details: First, choose 2 Hours, 4 Hours or 6 Hours to accumulate as many miles as you wish around beautiful Terrell’s island! This is a great event to push your limits or come and complete your first half or full marathon! Worried?  Think about this, if you walk the loop twice you will be around the 2 hour mark. Doesn't sound so bad now, does it? 

The loop is approximately 3.7 miles long and will have 3 aid stations so you are never far from food/water or bathroom! This is a green event so you will need to bring or carry your own water bottle. Like last year, the aid station on the water will have water bottles for you if you don't want to carry one so we don't accidently pollute the water with paper glasses.

Like last year we will be partying at Springblook after the race. This is also where we will be handing out the awards for winners.

A slight chnage this year, we will be starting promptly at the top of the hour for each event.  When you hear the noon sirens that will end the event!  Yep, we have our own noon sirens. #weeklysirentest

Here is how that will work;

Start Time:    6 hour  participants will start at 6am

                      4 hour participants will start at 8am

                      2 hour participants will start at 10am

Due to limited parking we will offer a shuttle service to and from Springbrook before each race start time and after the finish. 

BDMCC is our charity sponsor! They have on going costs involved with upkeep and we are excited to help raise money for them! We are also excited to share their beautiful island with you!

ALL runners receive an F.N. Fun Run t-shirt and a completion medal. We will have awards for the top finishers for each timed group.

T-shirts only guaranteed if signed up before August 1st.

Event details and schedule

You must have your own water bottle.  We will have water for you to fill your bottle with but since we are trying to be as responsible as possible, we will not have cups on the course. Too easy for them to blow into the water.

An email will be sent out with packet pick up days and times prior to race day. 

Please arrive early enough to park and get set up.  The parking lot will be off limits to runners.  You will need to park on Rivermoor. Due to the size of the road, there will only be parking on one side of the Rivermoor road.

If you have anything that you want available for your run, there will be an area at the beginning of the run to store items like endurance chews, etc.

The course runs for about 3 miles with water on either side of you so sunscreen is highly recommended.

We will send out reminder emails and other pertinent information including parking as the run gets closer.

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Terrell's Island Shubert Rd OmroWI  54963
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