Mystery Box Challenge: Engineering

tinkrLAB - The Mini Maker

Sunday, May 29, 2016
The Mini Maker 1982 W. Grand River Ave. #321 OkemosMI  48864
Sunday, May 29, 2016
The Mini Maker 1982 W. Grand River Ave. #321 OkemosMI  48864

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What's Included

If you are a fan of the hit TV reality competition, Masterchef, then you would be familiar with the concept of the mystery box challenge. For those who don’t know, the contestants are each presented with a box of identical, mystery ingredients from which they are required to create a mouthwatering dish. They don’t have to use every ingredient in the box but apart from a few, very basic pantry staples, what they discover in the box is pretty much it. It’s fun to see the dishes created by the talented and very creative contestants. Taking this concept and applying it to making, learning and the great ideas children have, We have put together this Mystery Box Challenge: Engineering for your kids to get creative with. Each child will be given a box of random items and will be challenged to see what creative ideas they come up with.

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The tinkrLABS is Lansing’s newest, kid focused maker space. Maker spaces focus on teaching the community how to make and create things. tinkrLAB does the same thing... but for kids! Creativity and curiosity are encouraged in a safe environment, with hands on teaching. Kids learn best when they can experience and touch something rather than just watching. We have decided it’s important to us to help kids to Imagine Develop and Build.

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The Mini Maker 1982 W. Grand River Ave. #321 OkemosMI  48864
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