The Organic Food Shopper's Guide Book Review

Organics have grown increasingly popular as more people are heading to farmer's markets for fresh, healthy produce. For the ordinary shopper, The Organic Food Shopper's Guide is a great resource.

Written by Jeff Cox, former editor of Organic Gardening magazine and author of the James Beard Award-nominated The Organic Cook's Bible, this guidebook is informative and easy to reference. With profiles of more than 100 organic foods and more than 100 tasty recipes combined with dozens of cooking tips, The Organic Food Shopper's Guide could easily occupy a place of honor on many kitchen shelves as the missing link between fresh, organic groceries and memorably delicious meals.

This book contains complete coverage of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, dairy, eggs and meat as well as convenient, at-a-glance advice on peak seasons, nutrition, good varieties, and what to look for when shopping at your local organic outlet. It provides detailed information on preparation, storage, complementary flavors, and kitchen uses for a wide variety of organic ingredients. The recipes are inspirational and creative, each showcasing the versatility of even the simplest foods.

"The perfect dish requires perfect ingredients," writes Jeff Cox. "That doesn't mean blemish-free produce. It means that the variety of fruit, vegetable, nut, or what-have-you is the right one for the dish being prepared, and that it's as ripe and full of flavor as it will ever get on the very day the cook is inspired to use it. And yes, it should be organically grown."

Topics cover Twenty Foods You Should Buy in Organic Form, Label Lingo (what "local"? "organic"? and "natural" really mean), and Buying Organic for Your Baby. Besides food information, this book also explains why buying organic is important.

For added convenience, this 310-page publication is packaged as a small, easy-to-carry guidebook. With The Organic Food Shopper's Guide, anyone can become an expert organic shopper.

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