Spring Clean Your Home and Your Body for the Perfect Cleanse

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Those dust bunnies accumulating behind the bed for three months need to go, along with the strange looking green moldy stuff in the fridge. According to health and nutrition expert Jordan Rubin, tackling heavy duty spring cleaning chores will spruce up the look of your home, but it's even more important to cleanse the internal organs of your body.

Rubin, the founder and CEO of Garden of Life, Inc., recommends Garden of Life's Perfect Cleanse because it contains only whole food-based, organic ingredient botanicals without synthetic stimulants or designer chemicals that are harsh on the body.

"Detoxification of the body is necessary because the average American diet consists of unhealthy, processed foods, too much sugar and artificial sweeteners, trans-fatty acids and troublesome vegetable oils," explained Rubin. "This puts constant stress on the digestive system and the liver and introduces harmful toxins into the bloodstream, resulting in sluggishness, heaviness and uncomfortable symptoms."

The product uses a blend of USDA certified organic fiber, a patent pending proprietary blend unique to Perfect Cleanse, which is significant because the specifically selected organic fibers are more resistant to fermentation and do not introduce additional toxins into the body as some non-organic cleansers do.

"This is the only cleansing system I have used that will not make you feel weak or keep you running to the bathroom all the time," said Rubin, whose books such as The Maker's Diet, Restoring Your Digestive Health and The Great Physician's Rx for Health and Wellness have sold millions of copies.

Rubin cites recent scientific literature confirming that environmental chemicals and toxins accumulate in the body as a result of foods and beverages that are consumed, as well as regular exposure to air pollution. Eliminating this toxic build-up at least four times a year is integral to overall health, according to Rubin.

More spring cleaning and cleansing tips from Rubin include:

  • If you are messy and your home is cluttered with newspapers, mail and other items, you are exposing your family and pets to dust, chemicals and other harmful toxins on a daily basis. If everyone is sneezing and has watery eyes, it's time to clean up the mess and breathe easier.

  • Shop for natural cleaning supplies without strong chemicals for your home at a health food store. Many people are allergic to common household cleaners and do not even realize it.

  • Cleanse your body with the seasons. Just as your car needs a tune up and oil change occasionally, so does your body, according to Rubin.

For more healthy living tips and information on Garden of Life's Perfect Cleanse and whole-food supplement products visit www.gardenoflife.com.
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SOURCE: Garden of Life, Inc.

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