Power Your Run With Veggies

Beets: Toss peeled, sliced beets in olive oil and roast at 400°F to intensify their sweetness; top with dill, their classic accompaniment.

Broccolini: The florets cook faster than the stems, so steam chopped stems first and add florets later; sprinkle both with lemon juice to serve.

Celeriac: Boil peeled, chopped celeriac with white potatoes to make mashers with extra depth of flavor. Swap celeriac for potato in soup.

Endive: Its slightly bitter taste goes well in a salad topped with citrus vinaigrette; Belgian endive is also tasty baked in cream.

Fennel: Make a salad of raw fennel and orange slices. Sautee in olive oil to bring out its sweet, nutty flavor.

Ground Cherries: Snack on ripe, yellow ground cherries as you would grapes, slice them on salads, or add them to fruit smoothies.

Leeks: Pair with potatoes to make a classic soup, or poach and serve with Dijon vinaigrette.

Mustard Greens: Too pungent for salads; cooking mellows their flavor. Sautee in garlic and olive oil, or layer (raw or cooked) on sandwiches to add a piquant punch.

Purple Cauliflower: Its crazy hue fades when cooked, so chop into florets and serve with a raw veggie platter.

Tomatillos: Remove husks and chop raw tomatillos with onions and garlic to make a tangy salsa verde.

Radicchio: Its magenta color makes it the perfect fix for a boring green salad, or pair it with sliced apples, Brie, and walnuts.

Romanesco Cauliflower: Steam florets as you would regular cauliflower, or bake whole to preserve its spiky good looks.

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