Diet Detective: Nutrition Quiz for Choosing the Best Bad Foods to Eat

Making choices is what eating healthy and losing weight is all about. Sometimes we have no choice except to decide "in the moment" which is the best of the worst. Test your knowledge below.

1. You're working late and starting to feel really hungry. You need something to hold you over until dinner, but you forgot to pack an emergency snack so you have to choose something from the vending machine. What do you choose?
a) Pretzels
b) Potato chips
c) Reduced-fat chocolate chip cookies
d) Peanuts

2. It's your annual Labor Day barbecue, an event you look forward to every year. You want to have fun and enjoy the festivities without causing havoc on your waistline. What can you eat that tastes yummy and won't make you feel like a party pooper?
a) Cheeseburger
b) Chicken and veggie kabobs
c) No meat; just one scoop of macaroni and one scoop of potato salad
d) No food; just beer—after all, it's fat free!

3. Not only the ingredients but also the cooking method can greatly affect the calorie and fat content of a meal. Which of the following chicken dishes do you think is typically the lowest in fat and calories?
a) Chicken stir-fry
b) Southern fried chicken
c) Chicken casserole baked in cream of mushroom soup
d) General Tso's chicken

4. You're going out to eat at a new restaurant chosen by friends. You wouldn't really categorize any of the choices as low-calorie, but you're feeling pretty confident as you order. Which entr?e would you choose?
a) Chicken Parmesan and spaghetti
b) Grilled sirloin steak with baked potato and veggies
c) Chicken cordon bleu with mashed potatoes and veggies
d) Shrimp scampi over rice

5. It's Friday and you're off to happy hour at the local pub for cocktails and conversation. Which beverage is the lowest-calorie choice?
a) Light beer
b) Vodka and club soda
c) Gin and tonic
d) Glass of wine

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