The Diet Detective: Airline Snack Facts

US Airways

Cooperation in Providing Nutritional Information: Dreadful -- it's a tossup between Virgin and US Airways for least cooperation, and Delta is a close third. It was a real struggle getting any information whatsoever.
Health Score: (*3/4)
Best Bet: The CafePlus is not terrible because at the very least you get the protein from the tuna, and it's low in calories. Maybe you can get rid of the cookies (give them to the flight attendant as a gift). Not much else. The Breakfast box is very high in calories and offers little in terms of nutrition.
Snack Boxes
(Available on most flights over 2.5 hours, departing between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.)
Caf?Plus $6.00
Bumble Bee cranberry chicken salad (110 calories), Freshers cream crackers (140 calories), Bare Fruit cinnamon apple chips (43 calories), Emerald Natural almonds (100 calories), Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (120 calories), Toblerone Mini (66 calories). Total = 579 calories, 150 minutes of walking (some items estimated by Diet Detective Staff Nutrition Expert).
Caf?Snack $4.50
Madi K's Almonds roasted salted blend trail mix (140 calories), Pepperidge Farm Distinctive crackers (70 calories), Glacier Ridge Farms white Cheddar cheese (50 calories), Walkers shortbread round cookie (80 calories), Brach's starlight mint (20
calories). Total = 360 calories, 94 minutes of walking.


  • Blue Diamond Almonds $5.00 (840 calories, 218 minutes of walking).
  • Pringles $3.00 (480 calories, 125 minutes of walking).
  • Mini Chips Ahoy! $3.00 (600 calories, 156 minutes of walking).
  • M&M's Pretzel Chocolate Candies $3.00 (360 calories, 94 minutes of walking).
  • Mareblu Naturals - Blueberry Pomegranate Trail Mix Crunch $4.00 (450 calories, 117 minutes of walking).
Fresh Meals (Available on flights 3.5 hours or more)
All Day Fruit & Cheese Plate $7.00
Cheddar, Swiss and pepper jack cheeses, seasonal fresh red grapes, strawberries, honeydew melon and assorted crackers (470 calories, 122 minutes of walking).
Breakfast French Toast Sandwich Box (Served on flights departing between 5 a.m. and 8:59 a.m.)
Cinnamon swirl French toast bread, yogurt cup, fruit salad, jam, smoked turkey breast, turkey ham, Swiss cheese (705 calories, 183 minutes of walking, estimated by Diet Detective Nutrition Staff).
Beef Reuben $7.00
Marble Reuben thick loaf bread, arugula lettuce, roast beef, tapenade-sundried tomato, havarti cheese, Grey Poupon Dijon mustard, Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, Sun Chip Harvest Cheddar 1-ounce bag (915 calories, 238 minutes of walking).

Bring Your Own Snacks

Even if you ate before you left home, you are still going to get hungry. We often underestimate the amount of time a trip can take. A two-hour flight could mean four or five hours of travel.

Keep in mind that you can take most foods through security, but you need to check the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for the latest rules about carrying on food and water:

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