How to Fuel for Your Mud Run

Preparing for a mud run is more than just training and gear. You need to factor in your diet too. Because everyone is different, there are no hard and fast rules of mud run diet dos and don'ts. However, there are a few tips you can use to make sure your body performs its best on race day.

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Foods to Avoid for a Mud Run

Knowing what to avoid eating is just as important as knowing what to eat. For the mud-run race day, you don't want to eat anything heavy that will sit in your stomach. The heaviness will slow you down and affect your performance.

Since there are usually no bathrooms along the mud-run course, you don't want to eat heavy foods that will cause you to take a mid-race bathroom break.

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Foods to Eat for a Mud Run

Liquids are just as important as solid food when it comes to a mud run race. Make sure you stay hydrated. Dehydration is the number one cause for not completing a mud run. Severe dehydration can even land you in the hospital.

Max out your liquid levels before the mud run, your body needs it. Your body loses a lot of electrolytes in your sweat. Water doesn't provide the electrolytes your body is going to need. Your best option to water down a sports drink; try half water and half sports drink.

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Liquid foods like protein shakes, homemade juices, and natural energy drinks are good options. Some mud runners carry protein bars on the race. If you choose a protein bar, pay attention to the sugar levels in the bar. Some protein bars are more like candy than meal replacements.

Going Bananas for Mud

If you want to eat something solid on race day, then try eating a banana or whole wheat toast with a very small amount of peanut butter. Bananas provide great energy, vitamins, and nutrients. Whole wheat toast is a filling source of complex carbs. And, peanut butter provides a good source of protein.

There's no reason you can't train and eat like a mud-run pro. Good luck at your next mud run.

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