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Hoggin N Joggin

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Life Community Church 7240 Nolensville Rd. Suite 207 Nolensville,TN  37135
Saturday, June 8, 2019
Life Community Church 7240 Nolensville Rd. Suite 207 Nolensville,TN  37135

About This Activity

Did your momma say never eat and run? Forget that! Hoggin' N Joggin' is a 2-person 8k (5 mile) relay eat-and-run event in historic Nolensville, TN that challenges your stamina and stomach! On race day enjoy a mini-meal from one of Nolensville's finest fares before you hit the streets to complete your feat. Finish in the top 3 to get race bling and prizes. All the proceeds benefit the Nolensville Food Pantry, which helps feed needy families all around the Nolensville area. What more can you ask for…eat some local AMAZING food and raise money for an AMAZING cause!


2017 Event Video:



How It Works:

Register for the event and show up on June 8th ready to eat, race and relax. When the announcer yells READY. SET. PIG. and the gun sounds at 8:00 a.m., you will immediately stuff your face. Typically no more than 6 oz. of food - so don't worry too much - but the delicacies are from one of Nolensville's finest fares. Past fares have included two chicken wings, or a chicken tender, or a mini breakfast wrap. Once complete with your mini-meal, then you hit the streets of historic Nolensville, Tennessee for your 4K road race leg. Sound like fun? Believe us, it is fun...

How It Works (3-Hogger Relay):

  • How the race works:
  1.        Runner 1: Eat as fast as you can
  2.        Run as fast as you can
  3.        Tag your relay partner
  4.        Runner 2: Eat as fast as you can
  5.        Run as fast as you can
  6.        Both Runners: Eat a small treat as fast as you can
  7.        Cross the Finish Line
  8.        Top 3 relay teams get some sweet prizes
  • A signed waiver is required for all entrants
  • Entertainment is provided throughout the event
  • Hoggin’ N Joggin’ will happen rain or shine!
  • Don’t want to Eat, no problem! There is an option to buy yourself out of eating (An easier race for your stomach, but removes you from prize/place contention!)
  • For the kiddos under 10, we are happy to have our Lil Hogs Fun Run where they will compete in a 1-mile kids fun run and eat a small treat before crossing the finish line

How It Works (Iron Hogger):

If you think you can stand the pain, then you can sign up to be an IRON HOG, which means you eat all three foods and run all three legs of the race (8k or 5-miles total).

How It Works (Slow Hoggin - Walkers Division):

The walkers division is no less important than any of the other divisions. You simply eat one of the delicacies just like the runners and then you hit the streets for a 1.5 mile walk through Historic Nolensville. Once complete you get to enjoy the morning and cheer for your favoite teams! We love our walkers and wish everyone would participate - regardless of your skills or abilities.

How It Works (Lil' Hogs - Kids Division):

For the kiddo's (age 4-9) we will provide a kid friendly min-meal that is appropriately portioned and appropriately chosen for a kids taste buds. Once they down their petite portion they will hit the streets just like the adults for their 1-mile run/walk. The participant lined running lanes serve as safety protection as well as the best cheering section around. Each kid participant will receive a mini-medal to wear and prove that they are a true Hogger!

Event details and schedule

Event Date: June 8th, 2019

Start Time: 8:00 AM (Lil Hog Kids Fun Run to start after, approx 8:50-ish)

Rain or Shine!

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Life Community Church 7240 Nolensville Rd. Suite 207 Nolensville,TN  37135
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