Sources of Abstraction with Lenny Moskowitz

Creative Arts Workshop - Drawing + Painting

Saturday, December 10, 2016
Drawing + Painting 80 Audubon Street New HavenCT  06510
Saturday, December 10, 2016
Drawing + Painting 80 Audubon Street New HavenCT  06510

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What's Included

n this one-day workshop, a supportive and open environment, will encourage students to develop new ideas through exploration and a willingness to be playful. Students will investigate contemporary abstraction and discover ways to generate and compose their own abstract imagery. The course will cover the basic color and design principles, including methods for manipulating pictorial space and depth. This workshop is available to students at all levels because it is tailored to each individual participant. The only prerequisite is to come to class with a curiosity and willingness to experiment.


Scissors, glue, pencils, sketchpad, magazines (preferably magazines that are colorful, like fashion, home and garden, etc.), brushes, mixing palette, painting surfaces (such as canvas boards, a stretch canvas, or paper), water jar, spray bottle for water, assorted acrylic or watercolor paint (Note: If you’re using acrylics use a gloss or matte medium, which is clear acrylic paint with no pigment.)

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Creative Arts Workshop is an educational and cultural resource center devoted to fostering creativity through participation in, appreciation of and leadership in the visual arts. CAW affirms its commitment to making programs available to a broad and diverse population.

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  • Creative Arts Workshop

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Drawing + Painting 80 Audubon Street New HavenCT  06510
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