Follow a Tour of Moab's Famous White Rim Trail

There were six from Alta, Utah, six from Boulder, Colo., two from Jackson, Wy., and one local Moab resident who we affectionately dubbed "Motorcycle Boy" for reasons to be made clear later.

Fifteen strong, we had come together to grasp hold of the last few fleeting days of summer. It had been a great mountain bike season but we needed to get out in the hot, dusty, desert air one last time. We needed to get in one more epic ride before we hung our bikes on the wall and dragged the skis and snowboards out of the closet.

And so, gathered at the Brewery in the heart of downtown Moab, we quickly saturated ourselves with some of Utahs finest "3.2" beer and by mid-evening, partly drunk, mostly bloated and fully excited, we left to make camp just outside of town. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying ice cold, out-of-state beers, listening to Josh (from Jackson) playing his guitar, and anticipating the upcoming four-day journey into Canyonlands National Parks fabled White Rim Trail.

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Day One

We began our journey from the visitors center at the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park. We parked our cars, left our cell phones and our worries behind before heading down the trail.

We departed with two support vehicles (we would all take turns at the wheel) loaded with all the gear, food, water, colored water (i.e. beer), whiskey and other essentials such as horseshoes, tiki torches, drums, etc., that 15 people might need in the middle of the desert for four days.

The two sag wagons followed 12 bikers (Motorcycle Boy would sputter along behind us later) into the morning sun of Utahs Canyon Country.

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