Olympians Take Time Out: Crystal Huang

Table Tennis

Crystal Huang had an undefeated performance at the U.S. Olympic Table Tennis Team Trials. AP Photo/Tom Mihalek
Yao "Crystal" Xi Huang secured her spot on Team USA with a fierce--and undefeated--performance at the U.S. Olympic Table Tennis Trials in Philadelphia. Huang, who is originally from China, gets to enjoy her debut Olympic performance in her native country. Before the Games, Huang took some time out with Active.com to talk about life as an Olympian.

What's on your iPod playlist?
I enjoy listening to Chinese music.  However, I like American music too, such as soft rock and pop (mostly love songs).  

What helps you unwind after a hard day of practice/training?
What helps me unwind is hanging out with my friends: dining out, go shopping, watch a movie, etc.  And of course, just relaxing at home listening to music. A good nap and massage helps me recover from a hard day.

What's one thing about being an Olympic athlete that would surprise most people?
Nothing much, I'm just a normal person.  One thing is I do everything slow, but I like to go on fast roller coaster rides!

What's a typical training meal?
I don't have a strict diet.  I just prefer to eat Asian food, particularly Chinese (Hunan style).  I don't go more than one day without eating rice.  I eat rice with seafood, meat and vegetables.  Fruits are important, too. 

What are you most looking forward to at the Games?
This is my first Olympics, so I'm looking forward to the Opening Ceremony and just checking out the Olympic Village. Most of all, I would just like to play my best and try to achieve great results for USA.

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