Intermediate/Beginner Clinics

Play Beyond the Game - Hudson Valley Sports Dome

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Hudson Valley Sports Dome 240 Milton Turnpike MiltonNY  12547
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Hudson Valley Sports Dome 240 Milton Turnpike MiltonNY  12547

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What's Included

Skill clinics taught by high school coaches to help players improve individual skill and tactical awareness. A great way for newer players to get extra practice and players without High School experience to get a chance to work on technical skills. This is a chance for players to gain a higher level of play and work on skills not applied during practice times.

About This Organizer

Our mission is 3 fold: 

1.Grow the game of field hockey through developing, promoting, and encouraging play.

2. Empower young athletes through sport. This entails “Play Beyond the Game” programming that integrates life lessons, building character and teaching leadership into sports programming.

3. Encourage and facilitate positive community events through parent and volunteer supported youth sport leagues and affiliated events.


How we do this? 


1.     Field Hockey Leagues: Parent organized and managed leagues to help bring organized play to areas that do not have school sponsored field hockey, or, to supplement school sponsored field hockey through out of season leagues and leagues for those not served through the school system.

2.     Youth Outreach Programs in association with colleges. Create college student run leagues in the spring to support youth in 8th grade and below in local schools near college facilities.

3.     Development Academy Programs. Programs for players to learn and develop field hockey skills through weekly practices and game play.

4.     Seasonal Events.  Play Beyond the game manages and run camps and occasional clinics that serve to provide opportunities for young women to play sports and develop character. 

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  • Play Beyond the Game

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Hudson Valley Sports Dome 240 Milton Turnpike MiltonNY  12547
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