Sunday, March 30, 2014
EcoAdventures 216 Najoles Road MillersvilleMD  21108
Sunday, March 30, 2014
EcoAdventures 216 Najoles Road MillersvilleMD  21108

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What's Included

It's the study of everything gross in this one, as kids jump into the world of disgusting (i know...you say they are already there!)  It's all things gooey, slimy, slippery...funky, ugly, and foul!!!  Does it get any better than that if you are an 8 year old?  Kids will get down and dirty with lots of hands-on activities, and in this special edition of Grossology, kids will be rolling up their sleeves and getting elbow deep in the ultimate Yeck Check!!  That's right, it's owl pellet time, and what in the world is an owl pellet you ask?  Owl pellets are dried up wads of owl vomit that the birds yack up periodically. They contain all the bits and bobs of what the owls have been eating. So for those brave enough to pick through them, there are treasures to be found!  Participants will determine what was on last night’s owl menu!  It might not be good dinner conversation for you...but it’s sure to be big fun for the kids!!

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EcoAdventures offers hands-on learning programs for students of all ages based on our guiding principles of education, enrichment, and conservation. We strive to create positive, personal experiences for participants while inspiring them to make a difference in our planet.


At EcoAdventures, students will have the rare opportunity to encounter extraordinary animals and explore the wonders of the natural world. We hope you give your child the opportunity to experience the extraordinary….


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EcoAdventures 216 Najoles Road MillersvilleMD  21108
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