Full-Day ChiRunning Workshop

ChiRunning - NH Dome

Saturday, October 22, 2016
NH Dome 34 Emerson Rd MilfordNH  03055
Saturday, October 22, 2016
NH Dome 34 Emerson Rd MilfordNH  03055

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What's Included

In this workshop you will learn the basic components of the Chi Running technique. We will be guiding you through many exercises and drills designed to leave you with a clear sense of what the Chi Running technique feels like in your body. We will not be doing lots of running (contrary to what you might imagine), so no matter what condition you're in, have no fear. We will spend the day alternating between demonstrations, fun exercises and technique drills... the nature of the day will be relaxed, full, and inspiring. Cancellation Policy: Cancel 14 days before the workshop and you will be refunded your registration payment minus a $35 processing fee, or you can use the registration payment for a future workshop with Tri Tek Events within one year with no penalty. If you cancel within 14 days of the workshop, you will not receive a refund, but the fee can be credited towards a future workshop purchased with Tri Tek Events within one year. If you cancel within two days of the workshop you forfeit your full payment. The Instructor reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the workshop, in which case you will receive a full refund. The Keys to Effortless, Injury-free Running The Physics of Running: Run without Using Your Legs Chi Running versus Power Running Introduction to the Chi Running Form Injury prevention techniques Personal Check-in Tricks and Tools Core Muscle Drills and Exercises Pre-run Body Looseners, Post-run Stretches Innovative technique drills How to conserve energy at any speed Please contact the Instructor if you have any questions regarding the workshop.

About This Organizer

Running & Walking Never Felt this Good!

Vince Vaccaro, ultramarathoner, Ironman, and Master ChiRunning & ChiWalking Instructor, will share the keys to easier and enjoyable running and walking. Vince will give you personalized feedback you need to take your running and walking form and practice to the next level.


Is this the workshop for me?

Yes! Runners and walkers of all capabilities will benefit from this workshop, from beginners to seasoned marathoners and elites.


Yes! ChiWalking is beneficial for everyone, even those recovering from or managing illness or injury. The ChiWalking principles are covered in the first half of the running workshop. There will be no running during this time, but you will practice plenty of walking exercises & drills.



Learn to Run Injury- Free

Leave knee pain, IT- Band Syndrome, and other aches and pains in the dust. Danny has combined his 20+ years of running and T’ai Chi practice to create a running technique that is proven to reduce impact*, which significantly reduces injury and risk of injury. In this workshop you’ll learn how, and why, it works.

Runs Farther and Faster with Less Effort


Streamline your running by using your energy wisely. With good body mechanics, relaxation and breathing techniques, you’ll learn how to prevent fatigue, improve your endurance, and gain speed.

 Maximize the power of your core to move forward.  Most walking injuries occur from the waist down. When we initiate movement from our core, the body’s largest muscle group, we don’t need to use our legs for propulsion. This greatly reduces impact, pain, and risk of injury. A strong core also improves posture, balance, and stability.

• Unite your Upper Body and Lower BodyThe Chi techniques are all about keeping your energy flowing so you can move efficiently. You’ll learn how to optimize your movement to keep the workload balanced between your Upper Body and Lower Body.

• Get the results you want with fitness walkingWith good body mechanics and relaxation techniques, you'll improve your endurance and gain speed while preventing fatigue. You’ll be able to walk farther and faster with less effort so you can make your fitness goals a reality


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