Nature Photography: Birds, Blooms

Indy Photo Coach - Martinsville Wildlife Garden

Saturday, August 23, 2014
Martinsville Wildlife Garden TBA in confirmation notice MartinsvilleIN  46151
Saturday, August 23, 2014
Martinsville Wildlife Garden TBA in confirmation notice MartinsvilleIN  46151

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What's Included

Our Nature Photography workshop is led by award-winning nature photographer, Connie Etter. During this workshop, which includes both classroom and outdoor sessions, she will share tips on lighting, composition, equipment, and how-to approaches for achieving the best flower and bird shots. This workshop will begin the morning with tips on photographing flowers and birds. Our emphasis is on shooting, not just talking about shooting. While you'll get more than your fill of formal instruction, our real goal is to spend as much time in the field as possible. There’s a lot to learn just by seeing things. By applying fundamental of photography concepts, you will discover that you can control the look of your final image. The instructor will also share insights on the art of “learning to see,” which will help you with composition. You will be amazed at how much better your images will look after a few short hours in the field. Instructor: Connie Etter

About This Organizer

Indy Photo Coach is a unique photography school focused on offering personal instruction and exciting photography opportunities to Greater-Indianapolis area residents at an affordable price. IPC is creating a community of photographers by implementing our instructors' passion for photography and face-to-face learning.

IPC's mission is to provide a unique, affordable, hands-on experience for individuals and groups interested in improving their digital photography skills by connecting them with expert photographers.

IPC was created on the following beliefs:

In time, anyone with a camera and a few lessons or classes can create inspiring images.

Thousands of digital SLR camera owners purchased their camera to improve their photos, but only shoot on "automatic" mode.

Most individuals learn best through "teachable moments" - an unexpected event or experience through which one learns a lesson or technique. These typically occur in hands-on environments; not in a classroom.

Many local photography enthusiasts have an unmet need for inexpensive classes with short time commitments.

Through various mediums, a community of photographers can learn and improve together.

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  • Indy Photo Coach

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Martinsville Wildlife Garden TBA in confirmation notice MartinsvilleIN  46151
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