Saturday, June 22, 2013 @ 11:00 AM (EDT)
Laurel Park Tennis Center 151 Manning Rd. MariettaGA  30064
Saturday, June 22, 2013 @ 11:00 AM (EDT)
Laurel Park Tennis Center 151 Manning Rd. MariettaGA  30064

About This Activity

This is the NINTH tournament for the forth season of the Marietta Grand Prix. The Marietta Grand Prix is a series of 12 tournaments to be played at the Laurel Park Tennis Center. Each round won is awarded points and these points are kept to determine a winner of the year long Grand Prix and will serve as data for seeding at the City of Marietta Tennis Championships.

Any player who withdraws must notify the Referee immediately. Players do not need to be members of USTA to play this tournament. Less than two entrants in a division will mean that event will be closed and the entrants placed in the next appropriate level up or down. The best advice we can give you is not to enter a tournament unless your calendar is open. Individuals may enter one singles and one doubles event.


While the scoring system is abbreviated this does not apply to the court or the balls used for this tournament. All ages and levels will play with the Regulation Yellow ball and on 78' courts.


No awards will be presented for the individual tournaments. Awards will be given to the points winners at the end of the season. Season four ends with the City Championships played in September of 2013.


T-Shirts are provided at check-in for each participant in each of the Marietta Grand Prix tournaments. You must play a match in the tournament entered in order to receive a tournament t-shirt. If entering the tournament by phone please remember to tell the person taking the entry your t-shirt size. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $10.00 each.


Goal is to provide at least 3 matches. OUR GOAL: DRAW SIZES OF 8 PLAYERS.The SuperSets format means a modified set is played. If the entries are high the set would be 1 set to be played with No-Ad scoring to 6 games with a 12-Point Tiebreaker at 6 Games-All. If entries are low a format with two sets, each starting at 2-all and a Super Tiebreaker (10 Point) played for the third set. Tournaments will be held on Saturdays. If the inclement weather persists we might play on Sunday.


The Hilton Marietta Conference Center is the official hotel for our tournament here at the park this year. The hotel is located very close to the park: 500 Powder Springs St., Marietta, GA. The Laurel Park Tennis Center rate at the Marietta Hilton Conference Center can be input with the #2830136 in the corporate id box and the rate will automatically populate.


No refunds will be given once a tournament entry has been accepted and filed online. A credit toward the next tournament is offered if the player notifies us by Friday noon of the day before the tournament. If one round is completed in an event then the tournament will be counted as complete. No refunds will be given.


Lunch will be served to all players during the tournament. If there is a significant other as a spectator then they can pay $10.00 and eat as well.


The Superset tournaments will all use abbreviated scoring each Saturday and are played over one day. The "Championship" tournaments will be played over the course of several days and will use regular scoring. For this tournament we anticipate using No-Ad scoring in addition to the abbreviated sets as we wish to conduct some doubles events and in the interest of time this will be important.


Entering a Grand Prix tournament and showing up to first match is worth 5 points. Each win is awarded points. Wins to the East side of the draw will be worth 5 points and subsequent losses are played for 2.5 points. On the West side of the draw point totals count as half what the East side points are worth. Grand Prix points leaders in different divisions at the end of the tournament series will will the Grand Prizes.


During these tournaments coaching is allowed. You may speak to the players most freely at the benches during the changeovers. Quiet and limited comments may be made during points. If this becomes abused in the judgement of the REFEREE then the coaching will be limited to only during the changeovers and from the bench.

For the most part all divisions are handled online by However, for the Championship Events we hold twice a year at the City Championships and the Polar Bear Championships entries are handled on the USTA TennisLink site under the "unsanctioned events" section.

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Laurel Park Tennis Center 151 Manning Rd. MariettaGA  30064
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