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NubAbility Athletics Foundation - Myers Martial Arts

Sunday, January 17, 2016
Myers Martial Arts 1365 S. Main Street Suite C MadisonvilleKY  42431
Sunday, January 17, 2016
Myers Martial Arts 1365 S. Main Street Suite C MadisonvilleKY  42431

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What's Included

Our Billy Proof Jiujitsu Camp empowers limb-different campers with verbal and physical skills to ward off bullying activities by: *Recognizing real bullying and identify the types of bullying *Establishing a protocol of action to stop the bullying without violence first and foremost. Know when it's OK to defend oneself physically. Our Methods: *We will explain the rules of engagement to clarify when it will be understood that is acceptable and encouraged to defend oneself with skills *Utilization of the Three T system to establish a way to get a verbal bully to leave you alone. *Learn basic physical skills needed to effectively protect and or escape from physical bullying. *How to be a buddy instead of a bully.

About This Organizer

NubAbility Athletics is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that holds events across the country for limb-different youth ages 4-17 that want to improve their confidence and skill level in their sport of choice or outdoorsman activies such as fishing and archery. Getting kids out of the stands, off the bench and into the game by encouraging, inspiring and instructing Limb Different kids how to compete in organized mainstreamed athletics is what we do. We hold our large cornerstone event, NubAbilty Camp the 3rd weekend in July in DuQuoin Illinois, located 1.5 hours southeast of St. Louis MO. We also hold 1-2 day sport clinics and outdoors clinics at various venues across the nation. Our coaching staff is comprised of over 32 accomplished limb-different athletes, most with college level competitive experience and even a few pros! Our coaches have a variety of limb-differences, both congenital and amputee, upper and lower or both. NubAbility held its first All Sport Summer camp in 2012 with just 19 camper families and 7 coaches. In 2013 we served 49 camper families with 17 coaches. In 2014 we served 72 camper families with 31 coaches. Founded by Morthland College Patriot's baseball pitcher, Sam Kuhnert due to his experience with a limb-different mentor coach growing up, NubAbility's relationship with their young athletes don't end at the events. Young atheletes are paired with coaches who have a similar limb-difference or focus sport, and that coach is available throughout the year to help the young athlete develop into the best athlete they can be, period. Our goal is that our athletes and their teammates see them as a competitive force. Our logic stems from the fact that a one handed pitcher can teach a one handed kid how to defend on the mound better than a two handed coach and so on. One handed shoe tying at NubAbility is a sport. Our coaches hold an annual race to claim victory to the fastest NubTie in the nation. Shoe tying lessons are taught at every one of our events. It's kind of a big deal:) Make sure you check out our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/nubability and follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.  Mentorship. It's what we do.

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  • NubAbility Athletics Foundation

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Myers Martial Arts 1365 S. Main Street Suite C MadisonvilleKY  42431
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