Foundations of Script Analysis/Scene Study (F16OCT)

Aquila Morong - Aquila Morong Studio

Monday, October 24, 2016 - Monday, December 12, 2016
Aquila Morong Studio 1103 North El Centro Avenue Los AngelesCA  90038
Monday, October 24, 2016 - Monday, December 12, 2016
Aquila Morong Studio 1103 North El Centro Avenue Los AngelesCA  90038

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What's Included

Whether you are new to Stella Adler’s technique or just want to deepen your work, this class is designed to push you creatively and intellectually and give you a foundation for your craft. You will be led through a process that begins with the author’s intent and takes you through the collaborative effort that is building a back story, a character, and a career. Script Analysis/Scene Study Hybrid combines the character building tools of script analysis with rigorous exploration of craft through scene work. This class will be split into two sections. Script Analysis: You will do intensive work on a play using Adler based script analysis and creating truthful, layered characters based on the text and intent of the author. In depth analysis is the key to unlocking your character. Through the use of back story and imagination you will learn how to apply these concepts directly to the text and explore the themes of the play from your character’s point of view. Scene Study: The tools you have learned will be applied to scene work with a partner. The focus will be on specificity in all areas of preparation, performance, and the creation of a fully realized character. You will investigate the world of the character in sessions that will challenge you to do your best work. This will create a mindset and a process that you can rely upon throughout your career; the true definition of “craft.” It is highly recommended that you read “Stella Adler on American Master Playwrights” before beginning class. Deborah Aquila will join John and Troy to present an introduction to Script Analysis at the first class. She will also join John and Troy at the last class for the final presentation of scenes.

About This Organizer

Welcome to the Aquila Morong Studio.

Deborah Aquila and Donna Morong have opened a studio in the heart of Hollywood for the serious professional actor to hone their craft for film and TV using techniques developed by Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner.

"We are actors who have been trained by legendary teachers-Stella Adler and Bill Esper. We utilized our invaluable training to begin our careers as teachers, then as casting directors, and now with our own studio as a permanent home, we have returned to teaching again to pass along our tools and knowledge to you. As casting directors, we have literally seen hundreds of thousands of actors' work over the course of our careers that have spanned three decades. Over that time, we have pinpointed the mistakes and triumphs that make a successful actor. We incorporate ALL of our experience in the training we offer to make you achieve EXCELLENCE! We work to shape our actors into exemplary artists, while giving them the tools they can use in real world situations, whether it be an audition room or on-set. Studying with Aquila Morong Studio is not just an eye-opening and enlightening experience, but an experience that provides you with tools you can use to realize your dreams. It's not about tricks- It's about CRAFT."

-Deborah Aquila & Donna Morong

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  • Aquila Morong

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Aquila Morong Studio 1103 North El Centro Avenue Los AngelesCA  90038
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