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Portledge Summer Adventures - Middle School

Monday, July 20, 2015 - Friday, July 24, 2015
Middle School 355 Duck Pond Rd Locust ValleyNY  11560
Monday, July 20, 2015 - Friday, July 24, 2015
Middle School 355 Duck Pond Rd Locust ValleyNY  11560

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What's Included

This course enables students to explore the environment by visiting nature trails, where they use scientific observation, physical exploration, and inquiry to identify patterns in nature. Students then get to create self-directed are projects to reinforce the lessons learned. Our journey includes exploring the parts of a tree and the role that each part plays in a tree's life cycle. Students observe how leaves, needles, branches, and buds grow into distinct and recognizable arrangements, and how petals and other flower parts are arranged. Students also investigate the nature of seeds, their role in the cycle of life, and the interesting ways in which they adapt in order to thrive in their environment. Students then dissect seeds and create their own seed mosaic. During a bird watching expedition students use their binoculars to observe closely. They also investigate artifacts like feathers, feet, and skulls to learn how different birds have adapted to thrive in their special niches. A hands-on art project helps reinforce this avian adventure. Children also learn about bee life cycles and the role that bees play in pollination. They practice the art of bee communication, and observe how honey and beeswax are harvested. They then use real beeswax to create a mixed-media art project. Experienced educators provide nurturing support throughout this fun-filled course, engaging students in discussions and supervising hands-on activities to form more meaningful connections to the environment.

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Portledge School offers a competitive college preparatory program in a warm, inclusive community. Students are inspired to realize their individual potential by developing the critical thinking skills and moral courage necessary for life-long learning in an increasingly complex world.

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Middle School 355 Duck Pond Rd Locust ValleyNY  11560
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