Concertina Choir - Spring 2015

Red Rose Children's Choir - Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Holy Cross Lutheran Church 29700 North Saint Mary's Road LibertyvilleIL  60048
Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Holy Cross Lutheran Church 29700 North Saint Mary's Road LibertyvilleIL  60048

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What's Included

Concertina ( non-auditioned and non performing) ) will be a choral experience for Kindergarten and First Grade children who love to sing. The curriculum will feature play oriented exposure to basic singing concepts such as pitch matching, breathing, posture, rhythm and solfege (the Kodaly approach will be used for creating within the singer's aural memory basic interval recognition). Developing a healthy "head voice" tone quality will be the goal.  Movement and the playing of percussion instruments such as Orff xylophones and small hand help percussion instruments will help the young singer to internalize the steady beat, create their own ensembles and experience musical concepts aurally and kinetically.  Basic beginning music reading skills will also be introduced (sight reading interval recognition and rhythmic patterns), as well as following a unison choral score. Singers will perform for their parents in the venue that the other choirs sing in, but prior to the performance (before call time for the other singers) and very much like a demonstration rather than a formal performance, so that singers can practice performance skills without the performance pressure. Each semester there will be one "performance" in the venue, and one "Snappy Snippet" (a short sharing in the rehearsal room for parents) early on in the semester to help singers learn performance practice.

About This Organizer

The Red Rose Children’s Choir of Lake County, Illinois is a nonprofit organization serving families in Lake County and northern Cook County. The choir is dedicated to meeting the needs of musically inclined children. This auditioned, tuition based choir serves students with differing religious, racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Through the pursuit of excellence and common sense of purpose, singers find a sense of self-esteem and belonging as they share their gifts with the community. The choir educates and inspires students to appreciate fine choral music, encouraging young singers to strive to communicate expressively through artistic performance.


The choir was founded in 1997 by Artistic Directors Sharon Augsburger and Jacquelyn Ault Negus. Since then, the Red Rose Children’s Choir has developed into a choral organization that has presented highly acclaimed performances in the greater Chicago area and around the world. In addition to performance opportunities supporting various Chicagoland charities, the choir has performed for corporate, sports, school, and church events. The Red Rose Children’s Choir has been showcased at choral festivals in England, Hawaii, Italy, China, Austria and the Czech Republic. In their performances, the choir seeks to provide various opportunities for singers to experience singing with different instrumentation. The Red Rose Children’s Choir continues to be supportive of local contemporary composers and the development of new music for treble choirs through the commissioning of new pieces.


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  • Red Rose Children's Choir

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Holy Cross Lutheran Church 29700 North Saint Mary's Road LibertyvilleIL  60048
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