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The Roof of the World Marathon 2019

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Bajiaojie Cheng Guan District LhasaTibetChina  850000
Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Bajiaojie Cheng Guan District LhasaTibetChina  850000

About This Activity

The Roof of the World Marathon(ROWM)is one of the marathon events founded and organized by the Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM) Organizing Committee.

The Roof of the World Marathon is held in Tibet China.It is the highest elevation marathon in the world today.The starting point altitude is over 5213 metres(17,103ft),which is higher than the altitude of the Mt.Everest Base Camp.

The Roof of the World Marathon has been successfully held for four times,with the runners from USA,Australia,Germany,Mexico and Canada.And Ms.Jolene Giles has become the second world lady to complete the full marathon at the 4th Roof of the World Marathon on May 8th,2018.

We are very proud to let the world runners know that there had been no full marathon in the history of Tibet until we started the ROWM.Therefore,the runners who have been able to come to run the ROWM are absolutely regarded the excellent world runners.The race is the biggest challenge to human power limit.

Eating the different delicious Chinese and Tibetan food and experiencing the Tibetan culture and life-style are also extremely high enlightment every day besides training and sightseeing.

Sign up any time from today till June 5th,2018,you would win the two-day or one-day free 5-star hotel in Beijing China or the discounted registration.

Thank you all very much!


Event details and schedule

1)Permit to Tibet

Runners who expect to enter the Roof of the World Marathon 2019 is required to have the passport and tourist visa to China before March 31,2019.Unlike your travelling to any part of China freely,we need to have your passport and visa copies to get the special permit to Tibet.

If you work in China,your working certificate issued by your company is also required for the permit to Tibet.


You need to arrive in Beijing before or on May 1st,2019,and overnight at official Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel,if you register before June 5,2018,you would get the free hotel room on May 1st and/or May 9 ,2019 at this hotel or our new 5-star hotel.

All the runners/spectators would fly together from Beijing to Lhasa Tibet together.

3)What to wear

Because we would travel in vast areas during our days in Tibet at the different elevation,and the weather in Tibet is also very changeable,we suggest you to bring some warm clothes with you.

After the race,we would immediately withdraw from the race area and back to Lhasa quickly.


Here is the daily itinerary from May 2nd to May 9th,2019.






Organizer Info

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Map & Direction

Bajiaojie Cheng Guan District LhasaTibetChina  850000
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