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Newton's Attic

Monday, February 16, 2015
Newton's Attic 4974 Old Versailles Road LexingtonKY  40510
Monday, February 16, 2015
Newton's Attic 4974 Old Versailles Road LexingtonKY  40510

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What's Included

This single day Minecraft Mod class includes revisions to the curriculum to allow students as young as 9 to join in. We will give the younger students tools they can use to create mods without having to get into serious coding and then let them work at their own pace. The students will be introduced to MCreator, a program used to make Minecraft mods without programming knowledge. It is easy to use, and can be learned quickly. Once students are up and running with MCreator, students will be given a brief introduction to and overview of real coding. The small class size (maximum 8 students) will allow students of different ages and abilities to work at their own pace and continue to develop their skills. The mods will be limited in depth of changes to the game but will set the basis for future modifications that the student may want to make. The class will teach students to work with the code of other developers and to read and decipher pre-existing code, a common practice in the software development field. No previous programming experience is required, but students must have a Minecraft account prior to joining the class. If students would like to work on code outside of class, they should bring a flash drive. Instructor: Kevin Ireland

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Newton's Attic, a nonprofit founded in 1998 by Bill Cloyd, is dedicated to providing students with highly unusual educational experiences and providing STEM (Science Technology, Engineering Mathematics) educational resources to parents, students and teachers. Our mission is to stimulate interest in science and engineering through exciting hands-on projects, classes and summer camps.

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Newton's Attic 4974 Old Versailles Road LexingtonKY  40510
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