Crossbow 101 Session Two

Newton's Attic

Monday, October 14, 2013 - Friday, October 18, 2013
Newton's Attic 4974 Old Versailles Road LexingtonKY  40510
Monday, October 14, 2013 - Friday, October 18, 2013
Newton's Attic 4974 Old Versailles Road LexingtonKY  40510

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If it shoots, then kids love it. That’s one thing the staff at Newton’s Attic has learned over the years. To satisfy perennial demand from students, Newton’s Attic has developed Crossbow 101, an engineering based course in which students build their own functioning crossbows. Made from hardwood and spring steel, these crossbows resemble those carried by hunters and soldiers of medieval times. Throughout the class, students will learn about the basic physics of a stored energy device along with mechanical engineering principles and tool use. Once complete, participants will be instructed in the proper use and safe handling of their crossbows as they test fire their devices under close adult supervision. Students will also be required to take and pass a written test on safety procedures before being allowed to fire their bows. At the end of the class, all crossbows will be placed in the custody of parents or legal guardians to be given to students and used only with adequate adult supervision. Note: The crossbows produced in this class are not toys. If improperly or irresponsibly used, they are quite capable of causing severe injury or death. Both parents and students will be required to sign written statements indicating understanding of the hazards and proper uses associated with crossbows. Newton’s Attic reserves the right to deny possession of the crossbow to any student who does not exhibit proper attitudes towards safety and responsible use. Newton’s Attic also reserves the right to deny the possession of any crossbow deemed unsafe based on a student’s lack of adherence to good fabrication practices and craftsmanship.

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Newton's Attic, a nonprofit founded in 1998 by Bill Cloyd, is dedicated to providing students with highly unusual educational experiences and providing STEM (Science Technology, Engineering Mathematics) educational resources to parents, students and teachers. Our mission is to stimulate interest in science and engineering through exciting hands-on projects, classes and summer camps.

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Newton's Attic 4974 Old Versailles Road LexingtonKY  40510
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