1 Workout Per Week (6 Week Sunday Academy)

Pure Sweat Basketball, Inc. - The Lexington School

Sunday, October 18, 2015 - Sunday, November 22, 2015
The Lexington School 1050 Lane Allen Rd LexingtonKY  40504
Sunday, October 18, 2015 - Sunday, November 22, 2015
The Lexington School 1050 Lane Allen Rd LexingtonKY  40504

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What's Included

Pure 24: Pure Sweat's "Pure 24" was designed to help players master need fundamental skills that will allow them to be successful in games. This program is perfect for players of all skill levels that want to master the basics. Pure 24 Skills: Shooting mechanics, footwork, ball handling, passing, finishing, defense, how to use screens & fundamental moves. Pure Sweat Skills coach, Chris Armstrong will lead the Lexington, KY Middle School Season Preparation Academy. Skills Academy Features: *6 Session Sunday Package *1 workout per week (Sundays) *Each workout is for 2 hrs *Larger group workouts and game situations *Homework on off days *Access to the Pure Sweat Training App Email carmstrong@puresweatbasketball.com or call 859-699-1221 for more details.

About This Organizer

Pure Sweat is a full-service NBA skills teaching & consulting company that has designed the most comprehensive and proven development system in the industry.  We provide the latest skill development information, teaching points, and concepts that will help you conquer your mission.

At Pure Sweat, developing and building complete basketball players is our ultimate goal. To achieve this objective, we strategically design game-like drills, workouts, and programs through detailed film and advanced analytic evaluations.  We then use purposeful training methods to achieve universal fundamentals, before adding advanced skills.

Our methods and products help to ensure our players and teams dominate throughout their playing seasons.  Our cutting edge, purposeful, and consistent training regimens take players through extreme fast-paced drills and workouts that ultimately translate to on court effectiveness and improvement.

No gimmicks.  No shortcuts.  Just PURE SWEAT.

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  • Pure Sweat Basketball, Inc.

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The Lexington School 1050 Lane Allen Rd LexingtonKY  40504
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