Friday Clay Lab: Spr-FCL

REACH Studio Art Center - Adults

Friday, April 10, 2015 - Friday, June 26, 2015
Adults 1804 S Washington Ave LansingMI  48910
Friday, April 10, 2015 - Friday, June 26, 2015
Adults 1804 S Washington Ave LansingMI  48910

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What's Included

Register for a Friday Clay Lab visit if you have mostly finished clay projects you would like to trim, or glaze items that have been bisque-fired, but do not want to sign up for another class to do so. Friday Labs are NOT for starting or creating clay projects--please sign up for one of our clay classes or workshops for this. You can attend a same week Friday Clay Lab session FREE if you are enrolled in Adult Clay Tuesdays or Thursday Adult Clay Class to complete a started project (trimming) for no charge. If you are a current Adult Clay Tuesdays or Thursday Adult Clay student, please sign up at your class prior to the Friday you wish to come, not here. Mud & Mug, Family Clay and Casual Clay Students will need to purchase a visit to Friday Clay Lab if they wish to complete a clay project without signing up for another class. Friday Lab is for finishing clay projects made at REACH (trimming or glazing) but not intended for beginning or continuing creation of clay projects. If you are registering a child (under 18) for the Friday Lab, they must attend with registering adult. The system will not allow children to register for Friday Lab, so you must choose yourself (again) as the student registering. NOTE about clay projects: A minimum period of 2-3 weeks is usually needed to complete a clay project. The steps in finishing include: 1. Clay project must dry and be fired in a "bisque" load (at least 1 week from making the clay item). 2. Glaze must be applied to bisque clay and then fired again in a "glaze" firing. Please schedule your sessions accordingly!

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REACH StudioArtCenter is a nonprofit neighborhood space for arts education and civic engagement.

REACH Studio Art Center is a non-profit neighborhood space for art education and civic engagement. REACH programs are dedicated to mentoring youth, urban revitalization, and strengthening community. REACH connects artists with local residents, brings diverse individuals and groups together, and creates an atmosphere of shared pride and creative problem solving.

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  • REACH Studio Art Center

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Adults 1804 S Washington Ave LansingMI  48910
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