Lacrosse Tip: Why Clearing is Crucial

Every possession counts in lacrosse. That is why coaches want to practices clears and rides so much. When the goalie makes a save and your team can get the ball to the other end to the offense with no problem, that takes a lot of stress off your team. On the other hand, if your team can't clear because the other team's ride is doing a great job, it is frustrating. This can lead to more mistakes or rushed shots.

Clearing is a vital part to a lacrossse team's success.

When you are clearing after your goalie makes a save, the main points you need to know is your team has seven guys on this side of the field and your opponent has only six. So, take advantage of that.

How to Properly Clear

Get your goalie involved. They can use the crease to create space. If your goalie makes a save, have him run behind the goal so the defender has to chase him. That gives the goalie more space and time to make a pass.

Tip number two is to spread out. When everyone is in front of the goal, it is hard to make easy passes.

Tip number three is that if nobody is on you, run downfield toward a defender. This way when he slides, you can make an easy pass over the top and get the ball in to the box and start the offense.

Preventing Your Opponent From Clearing

Why does riding matter? It matters because you can get more offensive possessions if you can stop the other team from clearing. If your team can match up with a man and leave the far side open, why not add pressure so that the other team makes mistakes? If you can't do that, have your attack back up and guard the middies. This is also a great time to sub your middie out if the opponent isn't pushing the ball up, because your attack is guarding the middies. But, make sure your attack has a passion to get the ball back. Attack needs to play as hard as everyone else when the ball is on their half of the field.

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