2015 Summer Running Camp

Fly Right Running - Noonday Park

Monday, June 22, 2015 - Thursday, June 25, 2015
Noonday Park 489 Hawkins Store Rd Ne KennesawGA  30144
Monday, June 22, 2015 - Thursday, June 25, 2015
Noonday Park 489 Hawkins Store Rd Ne KennesawGA  30144

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What's Included

Most runners have been training incorrectly for a lifetime. There is more to training then simply running or "putting in the miles." The most important instruments in running are your mind and mechanics. Come experience a truly unique approach to training from Coach David Poteet. No matter your experience level, we will give you the tools to drop valuable minutes or seconds from your races. Have you plateaued? Are your times the same or slower than last season? There are reasons, and we will help runners overcome to excel next season Get your mind right. Get your form right. Reach your personal best. Welcome to Fly Right Running!!!

About This Organizer

Successful running in cross country and track involves much more

than driving legs and arms to move forward.  Along with proper

physical mechanics, a strong mind is required to utilize the body to

achieve an efficient, fast result.   When performed without correct

form and positive mental thoughts, it can feel like dying.  When

performed correctly, a runner achieves the feeling of flying.


Fly Right Running Camp provides runners a chance to learn how to take

flight and avoid the injuries that may accompany those who run

without thought or proper running form.


Young runners are vulnerable to developing “bad” running habits,

such as arms crossing the torso, heel striking, over use of arms and

negative or lack of mental thoughts while running.  These and other

problems, which Fly Right Running Camp directly focuses on, can be

corrected through:

     Education  - Teaching runners how to achieve the techniques needed

to become a successful, more injury free runner  by illustrating

proper arm, leg and knee  drive, and emphasizing the use of those

techniques during runs.

     Explanation – Along with showing how to develop proper running form,

coaches explain why it will help runners and what each individual

change does to improve running and times.

     Drills – These drills are used to develop “run specific” muscles to

overcome portential weaknesss in muscles and improper form.

     Review of video taping made of runners – A critical aspect in teaching

runners is the use of video tape review.  Each runner will be video

taped during a run at the start of camp and again on the last day.

Each tape will be individually reviewed with each runner to better

point out what needs to be changed and to verify the proper changes

have been made by camp’s end.   

     Repetition – Emphasizing the needed form and mindset throughout

each day of the camp will serve to remind each runner whenever they

appear to be going back to bad habits. That also helping change a

doubting or negative attitude about he or she’s running.  


All this is done by experienced coaches who believe in creating a

positive, enjoyable manner that encourages running without placing

heavy miles on youth .


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  • Fly Right Running

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Noonday Park 489 Hawkins Store Rd Ne KennesawGA  30144
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