The 4th Thansur Bokor Half Marathon and Bike Race

Saturday, October 28, 2017 - Sunday, October 29, 2017
Preah Monivong Bokor Bokor Mountain, Kamport Province Kaport ProvinceCambodia  13205
Saturday, October 28, 2017 - Sunday, October 29, 2017
Preah Monivong Bokor Bokor Mountain, Kamport Province Kaport ProvinceCambodia  13205

About This Activity

Thansur Bokor International Half Marathon is base on the Preah Monivong National Park in Kaport Province. The hight of the mountain 1500meter above the sea level.

We organize this events to Raise fund for the Charity to Kantha Bupha Children Hospital.

Join with Us.. for the Children of Cambodia.

Event details and schedule


The 4th Thansur Bokor Half Marathon and Bike Race event will be held on Saturday and Sunday October 28‐29, 2017 in front of Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, Preah Monivong, Bokor Mountain, Kampot Province, Cambodia.


Bike Category Gender                                          Age                         Foreigner              Cambodian

51km (3Laps X 17km) Elite – Road bike         18yrs Up               USD 30.‐                USD 20.‐

51km (3Laps X 17km) Sport – Road bike         18yrs Up               USD 30.‐                USD 20.‐

34km (2Laps X 17km) Open‐Mountain Bike   14yrs Up              USD 25.‐                USD 15. ‐

34km (2Laps X 17km) VIP‐Mountain Bike      40yrs Up              USD 25.‐                USD 15. ‐

17km (1Lap X 17Km) Novice‐Mountain Bike   14yrs Up              USD 20.‐                USD 10. ‐

17km (1Lap X 17Km) Women‐Any Bike           14yrs Up               USD 20.‐                USD 10. ‐

10km (4Laps X 2.5km) Kids‐ Any Bike             9‐13yrs old          USD 10.‐                USD 5. ‐


Race Category            Gender                  Age                         Foreigner                       Cambodian

(21km)                       Men/Women         16yrs Up               USD 30.‐                           USD 20.‐

10km Race                 Men/Women         13yrs Up               USD 25.‐                          USD 15.‐

05km Race                 Men/Women         Open                      USD 15.‐                          USD 10.‐

03km Fun Run      Open (Adult & Kid)  Open                      USD 10.‐                           USD 5.‐

** All above registration fee cannot refund, transfer to other runners, and change race category

Important Note

‐ Registration Deadline: Running on October 20, 2017 Cycling on 28 October 2017, 30% will be increase for registration fee after deadline

‐ Onsite registration at BKPHM expo site is acceptable!


Online registration

Please go to our online‐registration link: https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=36941454

Offline registration

2.1 Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfh4rtoy3oVsk5jS8-uLw3ESqEnJX9QqaW8T3OME6OxlAgN8Q/viewform?c=0&w=1

Welcome Dinner

This coming event is organized before the 4th Thansur Bokor Half Marathon event which be held on Saturday October 28, 2017 at Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, you will be enjoy dinner with fresh view of the mountain. (Admission is limited) Ticket fee is US$18/Adult & US$9/kid (Included a glass of soft drink)

Location: Thansur Bokor Highland Resort

Date: October 28, 2017 @ 6:30pm – 9:30pm

BKPHM Expo Site / Final Confirmation Site

We suggest all participants who completed registration and made payment, please kindly present email confirmation / confirmation letter to our staff to get race kit (T‐shirt, Athlete number, Timing Chip) we will offer timing chip for Half

Marathon 21km and 10km, 5km and 3km Road Race as below mention:

Location : THANSUR BOKOR HIGHLAND RESORT (Bokor Mountain, Kampot Province, Cambodia)

Date : October 26‐28, 2017 @ 0900am – 1800pm

Contact : (855)06 628788/ 016 628788


  • If you cannot collect your race kit at Expo Site, you should make a letter attached with your confirmation letter/e‐mail and pass it to your friends, so they can pick it up instead of you with their signed.
  • Please find out your name in order on the board, what BIB number are you in and go to take your BIB number which category you had chosen, Guide Book and Timing Chip* (Half Marathon and 10km race only)
  • Please sign on the waver clause letter of this event to our staffs at Expo Site.
  • Go to the “Timing Chip Check” of Half Marathon (21km) and 10km Race to check your chip reconfirmation shown on the screen. You can immediately correct with timing staff in case you found a mistake of your information is not corrected.
  • Go to the “T‐shirt Counter” the present your BIB number and claim your T‐shirt.

Timing Chip

Our committee would be offered timing chip for Half Marathon (21km) and 10km Race runners only. Please return to us after you completed your running course as we need it to record your running time.


The Events Organizer suggest all participants should be arrived the Race Point/Start Line in front of Thansur Bokor Highland Resort at 06:00am


Bike Category                            Sex                  Age                 Start Time Remark

7:00‐8:00 Course Inspection

8:00 Riders Briefing

51km (3Laps X 17km)     A‐Elite – Road bike             18yrs Up                 8:30am Race Start

51km (3Laps X 17km)     B‐Sport – Road bike           18yrs Up                              08:35am

34km (2Laps X 17km)    C‐Open‐Mountain Bike     14yrs Up                               08:40am

34km (2Laps X 17km)    D‐VIP‐Mountain Bike         40yrs Up                             10:30am

17km (1Lap X 17Km)      E‐Novice‐Mountain Bike    14yrs Up                               10:35am

17km (1Lap X 17Km)       W‐Women‐Any Bike           14yrs Up 1                           0:40am

10km (4Laps X 2.5km)   Kids‐ Any Bike                     9‐13yrs old                           10:45am

Ceremony 12:30 Prize Giving

Running schedule: Saturday October 29, 2017

Race Category           Sex                              Age                 Start Time       Limited Time

Half Marathon (21km)      Men/Women          6 or Over             07:00am               3hrs

10km Race                           Men/Women          13 or Over            07:10am               2hrs

05km Race                           Men/Women           Open                    07:20am               1.5hrs

03km Fun Run                 Open (Adult & Kid)    Open                   07:30am              1hr

Ceremony 12:30 Prize Giving

Check Point, Toilet, and Water Station

  • Check point for the Champion Chip (Chip Timing) was set up at each u‐turn.
  • On the running course was marked the number of kilometer.
  • Toilet every 5Km
  • Every 2km the water station was set up for delivering water to each participant. Our staffs will distribute the water all runners when needed. Water station would be set at Start/Finish lines.


Benefits / Refreshment

BKPHM committee will provide to all completed runners and Bike racer as following:

  • Finisher‐Medal souvenir for Half Marathon, 21km and 10km runners after the race
  • Medals winner 21km, 10km, 5km and 3km after the race
  • Envelop prize for winner after the race
  • Bike race Trophies and Medals winner and Finisher after the race
  • Snack/ Banana is already set up for all runners after the race

Race Result

We will update race result of BKPHM in 2days after race’s day.

Mountain Temperature

In October 17C ‐20C

Organizer Coordinate

The 4th  Thansur Bokor Half Marathon and Bike Race event

Contact address / Information / Sponsoring

Seng Sopheap (Mr) M : +855 016 628788

Muy Lath (Mr.)  +855 077  627791

E :direct@activesport.com.kh/  timer@activesport.com.kh

Organizer Info

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Map & Direction

Preah Monivong Bokor Bokor Mountain, Kamport Province Kaport ProvinceCambodia  13205
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