Improv 101: The Basics


Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - Tuesday, March 24, 2015
ComedyCity 3600 Broadway Suite 107 Kansas CityMO  64111
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - Tuesday, March 24, 2015
ComedyCity 3600 Broadway Suite 107 Kansas CityMO  64111

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The Basics You'll get an overview of the basics of improvisation: listening, give and take, working as a team, agreement, building on ideas. Whether you want to perform improv or are looking for a way to loosen up, lighten up, or build confidence, it's a great first step. ComedyCity classes, like our Major League Improv shows, have short-form improv games as their foundation. Using games lets students explore and master skills and techniques they can use in short- and long-form improv. Plus, games are fun...and if you're not having fun, what's the point? Improv 101 is a five-week, 2 1/2 hour class. It's a pre-requisite to the other classes in ComedyCity Improv School. INSTRUCTOR: Joey Greene What I do: I began improvising with ComedySportz Kansas City when I was 18. Since then my life, work, and training has taken me to New York, Sydney, Toronto, San Francisco, Oslo and Helsinki. The Muse Machine in Dayton, Ohio gave me the opportunity to establish my own repertory theater company dedicated solely to improvised content, SmartyPants Theater Co., which toured regionally to entertain and educate up to 30,000 people annually over an eight-year span. Background & Influences: I've performed for 20+ years with 7 improv groups and in countless jams, workshops, and festivals, including The Atlantic Coast Comedy Fest (NC), The Bestival Midwestival Festival (IN), The 2nd 2nd Annual New Orleans Improv Fest (LA), and The KC Improv Festival. I've studied at The Annoyance and ComedyCity and taken intensives at The Second City. Teaching philosophy: I have spent many years looking for the connections between experience based learning and improvisational scene work. I think that providing the student a challenge in a safe environment allows the student to learn and create new tools as they find a way to overcome the challenge they face.

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We are an improv comedy club in Kansas City, MO

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ComedyCity 3600 Broadway Suite 107 Kansas CityMO  64111
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