USTA MV B16 Dominant Duo Tournament

Saturday, January 28, 2017 - Sunday, January 29, 2017
Clayview Country Club 7990 N Farley Ave Kansas CityMO  64158
Saturday, January 28, 2017 - Sunday, January 29, 2017
Clayview Country Club 7990 N Farley Ave Kansas CityMO  64158

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Division: Advanced: B(16 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )d,TC


Online registration is required and needs to be COMPLETED before the entry deadline. In the case of a technical problem, contact the USTA MV Junior Competition Program Manager at or 913.322.4832 BEFORE THE ENTRY DEADLINE. If calling, be sure to leave a voicemail. The time stamp on the email or the voicemail needs to be BEFORE the entry deadline.

Per the USTA MV Junior Regulations, players are expected to play the tournament to completion unless for reasons of illness, injury or personal circumstance. USTA MV Junior Regulations 27 and 37 will be strictly enforced at this tournament and failure to complete all mandatory matches will result in the appropriate penalties. Failure to complete a match to get home earlier or not to miss school is not considered a valid personal circumstance. Instead, players should not register for this tournament unless able to play the entire event.

Registration Process:
In order to simplify the registration process and reduce registration errors, we have eliminated the requirement to register for singles online for this tournament. Please note, although registration for singles is not required, singles will still be played at this event.

To register, each player must sign up for doubles with a partner online. When signing up for doubles, BOTH players must list each other as partners. A complete registration means you have signed up for doubles AND listed your doubles partner. Both partners must register correctly to be considered for selection. You are responsible for registering correctly and editing any errors in your registration.

If you are not sure that you have registered correctly, there are two ways to check your registration:
1. Review your confirmation email from TennisLink. The email will indicate the events for which you have registered. There will be a “d” next to the age division to indicate registration for doubles. Your partner’s name will also appear on your registration if you have successfully registered with a partner.

2. Cross check your name on the “Applicants” tab on the tournament homepage. Next to your name you should see the age division and event(s) as well as the name of your doubles partner
(Ex: B16d(Joe Smith))

Know the Rules, Respect The Tournament
The section is grateful for the hospitality extended by the member clubs and organizations hosting sanctioned tournaments. As a player, please show your consideration and appreciation while a guest during the tournament. Remember, the USTA Missouri Valley is committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance. Please respect the rules, officials, other players, and tournament staff at all times and make this tournament a positive experience for everyone involved.

Please also make sure you know the rules and guidelines for this tournament by fully reviewing the information below:

Players are selected as a team. The most recent USTA MISSOURI VALLEY STANDINGS LIST published before the draws are made will be used for selection. The Missouri Valley will use the combined singles standings of the registered pairs to determine the top 8 teams (16 players) that will gain entry. If two teams have the same combined standing, the team with the highest ranked singles player will be placed ahead of the other team on the entry list.

This tournament is closed to amateurs and members and residents of the USTA Missouri Valley section.

Point Level

Please see the section rules and regulations for the Winter Team Points table

Draw Size

There is a draw size limit of 16 players (8 teams) at this event

Seeding for this tournament will based on the most recent USTA Junior Ratings list. The rating list will be published to the homepage for your reference. For more information on Junior Ratings please visit:

Schedule/Start Time

This tournament will start on Saturday for all age groups and the tournament will conclude on Sunday. Two rounds will be played on Saturday with the final round being played on Sunday. Each player will play one singles match and one doubles match per round.

Each team will have a #1 singles player and a #2 singles player determined based on their standing on the USTA MISSOURI VALLEY STANDINGS LIST used for selection. Teams will then be randomly placed in the draw for initial team match-ups. Each team match consists of a #1 singles match, #2 singles match, and a doubles match. The team that wins 2 out of the 3 matches wins the team match. After each team match, the teams move to a different part of the compass draw depending on the team result. Please note, players earn points based on individual wins and not team wins. Even if a team does not advance in the draw together, players receive credit for any individual matches won.

Each team will be guaranteed three team matches, unless a team has to withdraw due to injury, illness, or personal circumstance. The players on the winning team in each age division will qualify for entry into the June Super. (Please note, the members of the winning team must still register before the entry deadline and remain age eligible to be eligible for selection into the Super by this method)

Scoring Format
Singles: Best of three tiebreak sets with a 10 point tiebreak in lieu of the third set.
Doubles: 8 game Pro Set with a 7 point tiebreak if the score reaches 8 all.

Withdraws and Refunds
Because players are required to register for the tournament as a team, the withdrawal of one player is effectively the withdrawal of a team. A withdrawal of either player after the deadline closes is considered a withdrawal of the team and both players will be withdrawn. There will not be an opportunity to find a new partner as the alternates list is ordered by team. Players are responsible for notifying their partner of a withdrawal.

Before the Entry Deadline
: A withdrawal before entries close needs to be done through the online registration process. Click on the "Withdraw" link in the Edit Registration box to the left to complete this step. Your credit card will not be charged. Click on the "Locate Confirmation Number" link if you have misplaced the confirmation number. Please notify your partner of any withdrawal, so they have the opportunity to find a new partner and complete their new registration before the entry deadline.

After the Entry Deadline
: Withdraws after entries close need to be emailed to the tournament director at the address above. Refunds are not given for withdrawals that happen in the 6 days before the start of the event. Written verification must be provided by a medical professional by the last scheduled day of the tournament for a withdrawal due to illness or injury. A written notice of the situation must be provided by the last scheduled day of the tournament for a withdrawal due to personal circumstance/emergency. The tournament committee will determine whether the situation is a personal circumstance/emergency. Failure to provide documentation will result in Suspension Points. Again, withdrawals after the deadline are considered a withdrawal of a team, and the Missouri Valley will look to the alternates list to fill the vacancy.

: The Missouri Valley recognizes good sportsmanship at our events. At the conclusion of each event the tournament director selects one boy and one girl in each age division as a good sportsman. These players will be recognized on the tournament homepage and will also receive a $25 gift card to Tennis Warehouse.

Tennis Warehouse Discount:

USTA - Boys' 16 Doubles

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Clayview Country Club 7990 N Farley Ave Kansas CityMO  64158
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