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Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Trinity Christian School 875 Auloa Road KailuaHI  96734
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Trinity Christian School 875 Auloa Road KailuaHI  96734

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What's Included

Join us for our second semester of ALL NEW projects and be introduced to new mediums! (Acrylics, paint pens, chalk, charcoal, oil pastels, fabric-based mediums, and more!) Returning students will hone their skills with challenging new art subjects and the opportunity to gain more experience with repeat mediums as well as learn NEW ones. New students will be introduced to the language (vocabulary!) of art, and be challenged by our instructional method in a way that will build their confidence and creativity! This is a real drawing class - the one many of us adults wish we'd had as children! All materials are artist quality! KidzArt Kailua's unique method teaches students academic and life skills through art, such as how to... Relax, go within, and reduce stress. Break down problems into manageable steps. Welcome, work with and resolve "mistakes" Feel the satisfaction of, "I can do it!" Manage time and schedules. See art in different ways and create artwork beyond their expectations. If you can dream, you can draw!

About This Organizer

KidzArt is the International Leader in Arts Education!


Preschool Age 3 1/2 to Kindergarten
Grades K-6
TeenzArt for Middle School Students


Private Palette Up! Paint Parties for Friends and Groups
KidzArt Birthday Parties
Corporate collaborative art ice-breakers and team-building exercises using art = fun and creative!

Parties, special events, regular weekly classes for your school or organization.

Why KidzArt?
A safe, mistake-free environment without criticism encourages students to take risks. Students relax, focus, see art from a different perspective and succeed with work that astounds them.

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Trinity Christian School 875 Auloa Road KailuaHI  96734
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