Stick Handling

Stick Handling

To set up the drill, set up cones from one end of the ice to the other, alternating sides with each cone. At the far end of the ice, place two cones side by side in front of the goal to form a shooting zone. Stagger the cones down the ice so that the player starts out skating to his right, and must handle the puck while skating around the first cone. The player switches back and picks up speed to cross the ice and go around the next cone on the opposite side other side.

Have the athlete manuever his/her way down the ice weaving around the cones, and shoot on the goalie between the last two cones.

First in a series of diagrammed drills from eteamz user Greg Olson. To view the image along with the full tip, cut and paste this link into your web browser: ...or clich here!

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