Early Off-Season Fitness Conditioning for Hockey Dryland Training Recommendations

In order to create a conditioning program, you must first learn some Key Terms to Determine Exercise Intensity:

Duration: 20-45 minutes of continuous activity

Intensity: based on an individual's maximal heart rate (MHR), resting heart rate (RHR), and desired workout intensity (% of heart rate)

Estimated Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) = 220 – age

Training heart rate (THR) = (MHR – RHR) x Intensity + RHR

Monitor heart rate by taking the pulse for 10-seconds at the wrist and then multiply by 6 to get heart rate in beats per minute

Example to Determine Training Heart Rate

Jeremy, age 24, moderate fitness level Training at 75% intensity, RHR = 70 MHR = 220 – 24 = 196 beats per minute (bpm) THR = (196 – 70) x .75 + 70 = 164.5 bpm

Interval Training: 2-3 minutes high-intensity (90-100% of MHR) exercise followed by 2- to 3-minutes of low-intensity recovery (walking)

  • Repeated for 6-10 intervals (2 sets of 3-5 repeats)
  • 1 session per week is sufficient
  • A moderate level of fitness is suggested prior to using this advanced technique
Modes: General activities (run, cycle, stairmaster) are all effective at elevating HR
Running: Fartlek OR "speed-play" training incorporates high-intensity intervals (alternate jogging and sprinting in an unstructured manner)
  • Include a variety of movement patterns for agility and body awareness
  • Short periods of running on the toes for ankle and lower leg strength

EARLY OFF-SEASON CONDITIONING SCHEDULE Orientation Workout Phase (4 to 6 weeks)

MONDAY – 30 minutes running at 70-75% intensity WEDNESDAY – 45 minutes of rollerblading OR cycling at 65-70% intensity FRIDAY – 25-40 minutes of running at 75-80% intensity

General Fitness Conditioning (6 weeks) MONDAY – 30 minutes of running OR cycling at 75% intensity THURSDAY – AEROBIC INTERVAL TRAINING SATURDAY – 50 minutes of cycling OR swimming at 70% intensity OR 60 minutes (or more) of hiking OR rollerblading

High-Intensity Aerobic Conditioning (4 weeks) MONDAY – 35 minutes of running OR cycling at 75% intensity WEDNESDAY – AEROBIC INTERVAL TRAINING SATURDAY – AEROBIC INTERVAL TRAINING

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