February 10, 2018

Women's Triathlon Clinic with Meredith Atwood

February 10, 2018 Free Ceramics Studio • 650 Logan HelenaMT  59601 View Map Organized by A Fine Balance Multisport Coaching

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About this event

February 10, 2018

Free Ceramics Studio

650 Logan HelenaMT  59601
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Swim Bike Run clinic in Helena featuring Meredith Atwood ("Swim Bike Mom"), author of Triathlon for the Every Woman, writer for Triathlete.com, and host of "The Same 24 Hours Podcast."  She is a four-time IRONMAN finisher, triathlon coach and "every woman" who went from the couch to an IRONMAN triathlete while being a wife, mom and attorney.  Meredith will cover topics  such as how to get started in triathlon​, goal-setting and consistency, overcoming obstacles, and the role of gratitude in this process.   

Matt Parks, Triathlon Coach and founder of Women Who Tri in Bozeman, will speak on proper run mechanics and teach hip stability exercises.  Bicycle basics on fit, maintenance and riding tips will be explained by Stacey Schwarz who is an avid cyclist and amateur bicycle mechanic. Fear reduction through better swim techniques will be addressed by Triathlon Coach Ann Gilbert.  Sports nutrition topics will be covered by Alison Brumet who holds a Masters in Sports Science and is currently a registered dietitian intern at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena. 

A day of fun engaging triathlon talk encouraging all toward better fitness and health through exercise. 


Event details and schedule

8:30-9:00       Registration 9:00-9:15        Welcome and Introductions       9:15-10:20       Your First (or Next) Triathlon:   Meredith Atwood, coach, mother, attorney       An inspiring talk encouraging women to tackle the sport of triathlon ​(and keeping tackling it!)​ (swim, bike, run) no matter where they are in their current fitness or life. Meredith will focus on the the top three things to make sure progress is happening.

10:30-11:20     Fueling for Success:The Importance of Good Nutrition:   Allison Brumet  Masters In Exerise Physiology and Nutrition, intern registered dietician St. Peter's Health

    The importance of good nutrition is essential for successful training and competition. Nutrition is important for maximizing your energy, preventing dehydration and rebuilding muscle. Learn about good nutrition for training and competing successfully.

11:30-12:20     On Becoming a Mermaid - Swim Strategies and Tips:   Ann Gilbert, USA Triathlon Coach, RN, St. Peter's Health                

Water phobia is a major inhibitor to triathlon participation.  Fear reduction techniques will be discussed with swim basics to complete a first triathlon. 

12:30-1:15         Lunch         Saigon Alley caterers

1:15-2:00         Proper Run Mechanics and Hip Stability Exercises:   Matt Parks, USA Triathlon Coach, Tri Coach MSU, Moving Forward Triathlon and Endurance, Bozeman, MT      

Learn about different running forms and identify common faults with running form and how to correct those faults. Bodyweight exercises/drills to improve running form will be presented and performed on site.

2:00-2:50       Hopping on for the Ride: Bike Basics:   Stacey Schwarz, avid cyclist and amateur bike mechanic, budget analyst for State of Montana            

It takes more than just getting a leg over the saddle to ride a bike. This presentation will be the how to's for getting your bike out of the garage, getting on it, and feeling confident riding on the road. We’ll also address issues that could come up mid ride and strategies to deal with them.

3:00-3:50       The Art of Moving Forward:   Meredith Atwood         

      Meredith will talk about how forward movement in our life matters to our health - both physically and mentally.  She'll discuss three things to focus on to make sure progress is happening.  Then she'll give ideas on how to "unstuck" yourself.

4:00  Evaluations and Wrap Up 

Free Ceramics Studio • 650 Logan HelenaMT  59601 Get Directions

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