6 Yoga Tips for Beginners

Try to explore a variety of classes and see what they have to offer. Fina a Hatha or Classical class, and then go from there. This way you'll always remember your roots.

Yoga is a Mind and Body Practice

In yoga, you let must everything go and quiet the mind. You will learn to link breath to movement, which will help clear your head and focus on your practice. This is one of the most beneficial techniques to learn in yoga. Your breathing will help your mind focus on each pose and help you hold that pose.

Just remember, no matter what level you're at, or how long you can hold a handstand, breathing will farther you along in your practice

Child's Pose

Child's pose is a resting pose. I always begin my practice with it and I go to it through out my practice. Most instructors will advise you to "go to Child's pose" at any time when you need a rest.

This pose allows your body to find awareness of the hard work you have accomplished in your practice and honor yourself.

Trial and Error

If you take a class in a studio with a teacher whose style isn't your cup of Chai, then try another teacher or class or studio altogether. You will not be able to focus on yourself if you are frustrated with the instructor or style. Find a class that you feel comfortable in to enjoy your practice.

Philadelphia Yoga Examiner Gloria Orlando Ives is a massage therapist and yogi from Pennsylvania.

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